Season 1, Ep 5

Monday 7 April 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Rose tells Lenny that a former member of Lenny’s unit – John Mercer’s predecessor, Patrick Finch – has gone on a vigilante-style rampage, meting out his particular brand of justice against drug-dealers. Meanwhile, Hugh Berry, the man who sorts out the paperwork to cover the unit’s illicit activities, asks Lenny to take out a hit on his behalf. A hit-and-run driver Trevor Bowyer rendered Hugh’s grandson, Owen, mentally disabled, but only served two years for the crime. Whilst emphatic that they are not a bunch of vigilantes, Lenny is left in no doubt that if he doesn’t send his hit man to kill Trevor Bowyer, then Hugh will find one of his own.

Lenny also pays a visit to his former employee in an attempt to bring him into line, but finds a bitter, alienated and menacing man. Finch is everything Lenny feared he might become. Leaving Finch’s towerblock, Lenny is furious to find Hugh Berry waiting outside – clearly tempted to hire Finch in order to take out Bowyer. Lenny unhesitatingly sends Mercer to execute Finch. However Finch is prepared for Lenny’s new hit-man. Tied down, Mercer comes face to face with what could be his own future. Finch explains how Lenny made him a scapegoat after a botched operation, expelling him from the unit and sentencing him to a kind of living death. Finch spares Mercer’s life, leaving the young man haunted but fascinated by the older assassin.

Meanwhile Rose has been sent to deal with the Hugh Berry problem. His daughter Caitlin has no inclination to talk her father out of his vengeful impulses – she detests Bowyer just as much. So Rose goes with Mercer to the remorseless Bowyer’s house and together they force him to write a letter of apology to Caitlin. Mercer, having knocked back Rose’s advances, tries hard to thaw out their relationship.

As a desperate Hugh tries to commission Finch to kill Bowyer, Finch refuses, instead demanding to know where Lenny can be found. As Finch walks into Lenny’s Thai Restaurant with a shot-gun, Mercer is waiting and gets the better of him, but, to Lenny’s consternation, allows him to leave unharmed, as Finch did Mercer.

Lenny finally lets Mercer in on Finch’s true history. He became isolated and thought he could decide his own targets and now his bloodlust is endangering the general public. Meanwhile, Rose is deployed to bring the broken Hugh to his daughter and grandson, where he is confronted with his guilt for his feelings about his grandson’s condition. His grandson Owen throws a ball towards Hugh – and they have the contact he has yearned for.

Mercer heads to a final showdown with Finch, which Finch is relishing. Mercer finds Finch on the roof of his tower block. During an epic struggle Finch gets the better of Mercer, but reveals he is not interested in killing his replacement. Instead he asks John to do the compassionate thing and help him end his life. As Finch dangles from the roof top, Mercer lets Finch’s hand go as the killer tumbles to his death.

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