teeny weeny/fergus in the well (6/40)

Funky Valley is a wonderfully bonkers place full of
madcap animals who are slightly strange and
extremely adorable. Narrated by Mark Williams,
each episode of this series combines a story from
‘Funky Valley’ with one from ‘Funky Town’. The
show features all the regulars from both series,
including Clara the bossy hen and Dippy the
forgetful cow. Other characters include Norris the
naughty rat, Amadeus the wise wolf, Hoot the old
owl, and Porker and Chipolata the cream-cakeloving
Together these beloved characters rejoice in
their oddness, revel in their peculiarity and party in
the name of stupidity. There is only one thing
certain in the Funky Valley Show – that something
silly will happen every day!
In the first episode on Monday, Dippy and
Chipolata take the milk float to the car wash, but
they shrink! The duo have to race back to the Milk
Bar to get help. Then, in Funky Valley, Fergus the
Fox gets trapped in a well, and the animals who
try to rescue him also fall in!
On Tuesday, in ‘Clara and the Egg’, Clara the
hen thinks she has laid an egg at long last, but
when it hatches, out comes a baby crocodile!
Then, in ‘The Big Game’, it is the Funky Planet cup
final: Funky Town versus Funky Valley – but Dippy
doesn’t know who to support.
In ‘Where’s Keith?’ on Wednesday, Dippy’s pet
caterpillar, Keith, goes missing. Then, in ‘Fairy
Nice Cakes’, Clara applies some fairy dust to
lighten her famously heavy fairy cakes but
inadvertently sprinkles some on herself, Dippy
and Chipolata – with far-reaching consequences.
In ‘Doodle Doo and the Sleepy Sun’ on
Thursday, Porker takes over the most popular TV
show in Funky Valley – Doodle Doo’s breakfast
show. Then, in ‘Cheesy Peasy’, it is a very hot day
and Charlie Turtle’s fridge has broken, so it is up to
Dippy to take Charlie’s cheese across Funky Town.
On Friday, in ‘Aliens Attack’, Dippy orders too
much milk, so she and Clara must think of ways to
sell it – that is, until aliens land! And in ‘Stanley’s
Christmas Crackers’, everyone has received a
Christmas card except for Stanley the reindeer.

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