the amityville horror: the true story

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The historical documentary series continues with
an examination of the bizarre events surrounding
a shocking murder case in a quiet village in the
heart of middle America.
On November 13, 1974, police discovered six
members of the DeFeo family had been shot dead
at 112 Ocean Avenue in the quiet village of
Amityville, New York. Ronald, the eldest son of the
DeFeo family, was found guilty of the murders and
is currently serving six life sentences in prison.
A year after the murders, the Lutz family moved
into the house, but fled a month later claiming it
was possessed with demonic spirits and
poltergeist activity. In February 1976, the Lutzes
approached Ronald DeFeo’s lawyer, William
Weber, thinking that their experiences might help
explain the killer’s violent behaviour. At the time,
Weber was seeking a retrial for his client based on
demonic possession. He held a press conference
and the local news quickly picked up on the story.
US Channel 5 news organised a séance to be
broadcast from the house, and demonologists
Lorraine and Ed Warren claimed they felt an evil
‘from the bowels of the earth’.
The case became famous throughout the world
and spawned a flurry of psychic investigations,
conspiracy theories, books and movies – which
still continue today. With the help of eyewitness
accounts, archive footage and dramatic
reconstructions, The True Story attempts to get to
the bottom of the so-called ‘Amityville Horror’.

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