The Champion of Horrid is Back!

The champion of horrid is back for more episodes of delicious naughtiness this spring! Mischievous, naughty, cheeky but irresistibly charming, Horrid Henry is fast becoming one of the most popular characters on children’s TV.

Henry is horrid. his parents, younger brother, teachers, neighbours and relatives all say so. If itching powder has been put in someone’s swimming trunks, if someone has sold their brother as a slave, or flattened all the tents on the family camping holiday, you can bet that it’s henry.

From where Henry stands, life is just not fair – the rest of the world is against him. He wages a constant battle against the tyranny of adults and will stop at nothing to outwit the enemy, namely his long-suffering parents, teacher Miss Boudicca Battle-Axe and his perfect brother, Peter.

Peter never fails to be shocked by his brother behaviour and always falls for Henry’s tall tales of blood-curdling monsters and pixies in the garden!

But henry isn’t trying to be truly horrid; it’s just something that comes to him naturally.

Lively, loud, funny and colourful, this animation series appeals to children and parents alike, many of whom are already familiar with his misadventures from years of bedtime reading.

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