Trinny and Susannah Search for the Ultimate British Body

The average British body is changing — as wasitlines expand and shapes becomes more varied than ever before. But amid the media barrage of beaitiful physiquees that pressure us to keep up appearances, what does the British body really look like?

In The Great British Body, a new three-part stripped event for ITV1, Trinny and Susannah investigate what lies beneath the outfits that they made their names styling.

They tour the country in a bid to persuade men and women of all ages to strip off and create the ultimate portrait of the great British body – two spectacular nude sculptures of the male and female form using hundreds of the UK’s finest figures.

At road-show events, every volunteer will be weighed and measured as Trinny and Susannah search for the ultimate great British Body. And, as they attempt to find two inspirational individuals – a man and a woman – to be the real-life models for their masterpieces, Trinny and Susannah hear the unique body stories of their volunteers, while a team of experts explain how our bodies are changing and how we feel about it.

No stone will be left unturned as, from John O’Groats to Lands End, the series initiates a national body statistics survey for ITV to measure as many people as possible.

ITV viewers can take part in the survey by measuring themselves and uploading their vital statistics and photos on to

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