The world’s noisiest boy returns in a new series of
hilarious animated adventures. Six-year-old
Gerald McBoing Boing communicates with
sounds instead of words; crashing, clanging,
whistling and honking his way through the world.
Together with his parents and best friends Jacob
and Janine, Gerald’s universe is a fun-filled blend
of gags, fantasies and sound effects.
Gerald McBoing Boing is based on the
character created by Theodor Geisel, better
known as Dr Seuss – the best-selling children’s
author of such classics as ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and
‘Green Eggs and Ham’. Gerald originally
appeared in a series of animated shorts, the first
of which won an Academy Award in 1951.
Saturday’s first episode features a barbershop
quartet of sheep and a honking elevator that
transports clowns. Plus, Gerald fills in for a fireengine siren and makes a rocket out of a cardboard box. In the second episode, an
elephant crows like a rooster; Ferda gives Gerald a new ’do; Gerald performs a unique version of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’; Greta von Gabby pulls off the great watermelon robbery; and Dad’s new robot brings the house down – literally.
In Sunday’s first instalment, a fish barks at a cat; Gerald makes people’s phones ring – until they turn the tables on him; farm animals get a ride on a roller coaster; and Gerald stops Savannah Sadie from rustling the town’s best milkshakemaking cows. In the second episode, an elephant coos like a pigeon; Gerald gets pulled over for riding a scooter that is too loud; Jacob’s farsighted aunt Edith mistakes Burp for the baby; a mean witch turns Jacob into a clog-dancing frog; and Gerald’s house-cleaning sounds inspire Mum’s latest musical composition.

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