All Clear

Sunday 20 April 2008 8:00pm – 10:00pm

ITV has confirmed that following the huge popularity and success of the Foyle’s War series, early discussions have taken place with Foyle creator and writer Anthony Horowitz and Greenlit Rights about the possiblilty of keeping Foyle on our screens in the future. Laura Mackie, Director of Drama at ITV said:

“Foyle is an iconic character that viewers love, and although this current series ends on VE day, Europe would remain in turmoil for some time to come and Foyle’s life and work could continue in many different and interesting ways. We are very hopeful that we can bring him back to our screens sometime in the future”

Episode Three – All Clear
by Anthony Horowitz

May 1945
Set against the last six days of the war on the Home Front, Hastings is preparing itself for victory celebrations. For Foyle, it means retirement and hopefully the return of his son, Andrew, from the war; for Sam a new and uncertain future; for Milner a promotion at another police station down the coast and a new baby. Until the announcement, however, there’s still work to be done.

Foyle is enlisted as the police representative for the council’s Victory Day Celebrations Committee. Worried about a break down in public order, the council have collected together the great and the good of the town to see how best to manage what is anticipated as the biggest street party of all time.

Foyle is surprised to see his old friend Major John Kiefer on the committee – he’s there representing the American forces stationed in Hastings. It’s been over two years since these two friends met and Foyle recognises that his friend has been dramatically changed by his wartime experiences. For Kiefer, who just wants to go home, the end of the war can’t come soon enough. But when one of the committee members is murdered, no one is going anywhere. All the evidence points to a fellow committee member being the guilty party and, in his quest to solve his final case, Foyle must dig into one of the dirtiest secrets of the war and uncover truths the Allies would rather remain hidden.

Julian Ovenden returns to the series as Foyle’s son Andrew, the fighter pilot back from the war to win back the love of his sweetheart, Sam (played by Honeysuckle Weeks). Anthony Howell stars as injured sergeant Paul Milner.

The sixth series of the ratings winning ITV1 drama follows Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle’s battles with murder, mystery and betrayal on the south coast as England is on the brink of victory in the Second World War.

From the pen of acclaimed scriptwriter and novelist Anthony Horowitz, Foyle’s War became an instant hit on its debut in 2002. The first series won the Lew Grade Audience Award at the 2003 BATFA Television Awards, the second series was nominated for a BAFTA for best television series, and it has been sold to 26 countries around the world.

Filmed in London and the southern counties of England, All Clear, is written by Anthony Horowitz. The producer is Lars Macfarlane. The director is Tristram Powell.The executive producer is Jill Green.

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