animal rescue squad

Continuing this week on Five is the wildlife series
anchored by animal expert Michaela Strachan
and ex-‘Blue Peter’ presenter Matt Baker. The
series looks at the urgent work going on to save
and protect animals in the UK and abroad – from
large-scale conservation projects to tiny wildlife
sanctuaries. In this week’s instalment, Michaela
helps to return an orphaned black bear to the wild
in California; the Cats Protection League need to
relocate 80 feral cats in South Wales; and, in
Newcastle, vet Jason Atherton treats an ageing
retriever whose problems are more serious than
Jason had thought.
Michaela is in California this week, helping return a
black bear to the wild. The race is on to find a
suitable place in which to build a new den for the
young bear, who was orphaned when its mother
was struck by a car. Michaela and the team must transport the man-made shelter that will become
the den to the remote location. As night descends on the snowy San Bernadino mountain range, can Michaela finish the bear’s new home before it awakes from its sedation?
In South Wales, Glynis Davies and Lynn Marasco from the Cats Protection League have discovered that a disused factory has been overrun by 80 feral felines. The animals were being fed by the factory
workers, but are now fending for themselves and are in danger of starving to death. With the wild cats not appreciative of the help on offer, can the volunteers safely relocate them – and will vet Branwen Davis decide that they are healthy enough to be rehomed?
In Newcastle, Barney the retriever has a swollen ear and is being examined by vet Jason Atherton.
Unfortunately, Jason quickly suspects that the ageing dog has rather more serious health issues.
He decides to carry out emergency surgery – but events take an alarming turn when Barney stops breathing under anaesthetic. Can Jason save him?

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