animal rescue squad

Continuing this week on Five is the wildlife series
anchored by animal expert Michaela Strachan
and ex-‘Blue Peter’ presenter Matt Baker. The
series looks at the urgent work going on to save
and protect animals in the UK and abroad – from
large-scale conservation projects to tiny wildlife
sanctuaries. In this week’s instalment, Michaela is
in San Diego helping a team of vets as they
examine an injured tiger. In Scotland, a sea eagle
is trained to hunt. And vets in Newcastle treat
more mystifying animal ailments.
Animal Rescue Squad follows the efforts of
zoologists, vets and volunteers to help animals
around the world. The series focuses on the
unsung heroes of animal conservation, who work
tirelessly to improve the lives of creatures in zoos,
safari parks, wildlife reserves and public areas.
Tonight, Michaela is at the Lions, Tigers and
Bears sanctuary in San Diego helping to prepare
Natasha the tiger for a sensitive exploratory examination. Natasha was pregnant when she was rescued from a tiny cage that also housed her mate, Rajar. The team is worried that she may be yet another victim of the cruel craze for keeping big cats as pets. These animals often have their claws surgically removed to render them less dangerous. In order to assess the extent of Natasha’s worrying injuries, the vets separate the tiger from her cubs and sedate her. What will they find during the exam?
Elsewhere, at the Blair Drummond Safari Park in Scotland, Snatch the sea eagle is in urgent need of hunting lessons. Raised in captivity, this majestic bird struggles to get to grips with the simple task of
fishing. Can she learn to take the bait?
And at the Eden Hill surgery in Newcastle, vet Jacqui Griffiths is concerned about Jackson the German shepherd. After a seemingly innocuous fall from a sofa, Jackson has developed a worrying problem. And fellow vet Jason Atherton must solve the mystery of Frankie the tortoise, whose nose will not stop running.

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