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With a blend of side-splitting, fast-paced physical
humour and verbal wit, the Mr. Men cartoons have
been a favourite among children for a number of
years. Continuing this week on Five’s Milkshake!
strand, The Mr. Men Show brings the colourful
animated sketch show to a new generation of
children aged between four and seven.
Twenty-five Mr Men and Little Miss characters
feature in the new series. To complement the fastpaced animation style, some of the characters
have been refreshed and some completely
reworked – but all remain true to the essence of
Roger Hargreaves’s original creations. Joining old
favourites like Mr Tickle and Mr Strong in the town
of Dillydale are a range of new characters,
including Little Miss Calamity and Mr Stubborn.
The madcap action is narrated by distinguished
English actor Simon Callow.
This week’s action-packed first show on
Monday sees the characters embark on a host of culinary adventures. Little Miss Naughty cooks up more than just dinner for Mr Quiet and Mr
Grumpy; Mr Pernickety’s cooking classes leave him fried; and Mr Stubborn’s creation proves the spiciest in the the Dillydale Chilli Cook-off.
In Tuesday’s episode, ‘Sightseeing’, Mr Scatterbrain shuffles back and forth on his visit to the Statue of Dillydale; a bus ride leaves Mr Pernickety ducking for cover; and Mr Bump falls prey to a Venus flytrap.
In ‘Dillydale Day’ on Wednesday, Mr Bump gets swept up while cleaning the roads; Mr Nervous loses his cool when he encounters some balloon animals; and Little Miss Calamity steals the show during a musical history lesson.
Mr Bump gets into yet more trouble in ‘Wildlife’ on Thursday, this time thanks to Mr Noisy’s unique brand of wildlife photography. Elsewhere, Little Miss Calamity’s fuzzy pink slippers take a walk on the wild side, and a skunk stinks up Mr Pernickety’s hike.
And rounding off the week’s programmes on Friday is ‘Circus’. Mr Tickle and Mr Nosey clown around with the circus band; Mr Stubborn decides not to follow instructions when setting up the circus tent; and Little Miss Chatterbox proves a prattling ringmaster.

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