Thursday 24 April 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

Katie and Peter are back in the UK after their Australian holiday. And it’s straight back to business for Katie who has a photo shoot with OK! magazine, and it’s the first with her new surgery. Meanwhile, Peter has returned from Australia full of good intentions for the New Year and he’s keen to both re-launch his music career and get himself back in shape.

Katie is complaining about her teeth hurting after the new veneers she had fitted, so she travels up to London (taking Junior for his very first trip on the London Underground) to see a London dentist. The news isn’t good – she needs to remove the veneers, put temporary ones on and then get them all refitted.

The next day and Katie and Peter have a shoot with a magazine. The interviewer asks them about their life away from the cameras and gets them to reveal some intimate detail about their sex life.

It’s now the weekend and Peter is on his way up to Birmingham to perform at a gay club. Before the gig he has been asked by the Make a Wish foundation to meet 14-year-old Ayisha, who suffers from Rett Syndrome. She is one of Peter’s biggest fans and watches his live video every day. Peter is overwhelmed by this meeting and he sings Mysterious Girl to her, her favourite song. After this meeting he has a sleep as he isn’t onstage until much later but when he wakes up he’s very tired and has to work hard to get himself ready for his performance.

Finally, Peter gets on stage and the crowd like some of his new material, but the place erupts when he performs Mysterious Girl – the song that just doesn’t die, he exclaims when he gets off stage. He is exhilarated by his performance, his first in a while, and to top it off by the stage door he meets another huge fan who is reduced to tears by the very presence of Peter.

The next day and Katie and Peter have hit the headlines. Their ex-nanny Becky has sold her story to a Sunday paper and she is extremely critical of their parenting. Katie is angry about the allegations in the paper.

Peter has a pre-arranged business trip to Cyprus already planned, but when he arrives he also expresses his anger at the story, and he is visibly hurt. But he attempts to focus on the reason he has come to Cyprus – to look at potential areas to invest in property. Back in the UK, Katie attempts to take her mind of the headlines with some retail therapy as she is looking to buy a new wheelchair for Harvey. In typical Katie fashion, she asks for the “trendiest” wheelchair and once she finds one she likes, she ends up buying half the shop with all sorts of nice things for Harvey.

Back in Cyprus, Peter has seen all the property sites and now comes up with a better idea – he asks the guys on site if he can have a play in the digger. In Kent, Katie has returned home from the mobility shop and she has asked Michelle Heaton to stay with her for a girlie few days while Peter is away.

Finally, we are back in Cyprus again and Peter is showing us round his new house that his father spent three years building for him. Using footage shot over the last few years we see how the house has progressed. Peter shows us round the house and introduces us to his friend Aristos, a classical composer. They have been working together on a new direction for Peter’s music. Peter listens to some of the backing tracks that Aristos has made and sings a song called Broken Man, which he wrote during his depression.

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