for whom the skel rolls

The second series of the compelling US legal
drama continues. Shark follows the personal and
professional life of Sebastian Stark (James Woods)
a former defence attorney who has ‘switched
sides’ and brought his cutthroat tactics to the
prosecutor’s office. In this week’s instalment, new
evidence comes to light regarding the murder of
Isaac’s fiancée four years earlier. When the case is
reopened, a high-profile Hollywood movie star
becomes the prime suspect.
Stark and Raina arrive at the scene of an attempted
robbery in which one of the two raiders was shot
dead. The surviving robber, Ricky Rago, offers new
information on the murder of Isaac’s fiancée, Olivia
Nixon, in exchange for lenient treatment. Though
the murder case was closed some time ago with a
man confessing to the crime, Rago claims that the
real culprit was his brother Nick – the man who has
just been killed. But Rago also claims that Nick was
paid to commit the crime. To give his story credence, Rago directs the prosecutors to the murder weapon, which was hitherto unaccounted for. “That means the person responsible for killing Isaac’s fiancée is still out there,” says Stark.
A suspect emerges in the unlikely form of Hollywood movie star Tom Brandt when it is discovered that he had links with both Olivia and Nick Rago. Brandt came into contact with the victim when he attended Moonrise – the rehab clinic at which she worked; while Rago once acted
as a stunt double for the star, before turning to a life of crime. “Great, just what LA needs,” says Devlin.
“Another celebrity homicide investigation.”
DNA evidence on the murder weapon proves that Nick Rago killed Olivia, while a big deposit into the bank account of Angelica Hernandez – the wife of Hector who was charged with the murder four
years ago – suggests that somebody paid Hector to confess. It then emerges that Hector recently made a call to Brandt’s office; that Brandt had been in contact with Angelica in the past; and that a large
amount of cash left Brandt’s account right before Angelica made the deposit into her own account.
“Right,” says Devlin. “Now we need a motive.”
Depite Stark’s advice to stay off the case, Isaac calls an old friend of Olivia’s at Moonrise to ask for a favour. The next day, some confidential files about Brandt’s stay at the clinic mysteriously
arrive in Stark’s email inbox. The files show that Brandt told Olivia that he was involved in a hitand- run accident, and that she had threatened to go to the police. A few days later, she was dead.
Once Brandt is arrested and charged and his case moves to court, Stark argues that Brandt paid Rago to kill Olivia in order to cover up his hitand- run, before paying Hernandez – who was already facing life in jail for another crime – to confess to the murder. “No matter how deeply you try to bury it, the truth always comes out,” he says. The case begins to go the way of the prosecution when Ricky Rago is examined and can reveal details of the crime that even Hernandez does not know.
However, things change when Isaac takes the stand. Brandt’s attorney and manager, Ben Bentley, forces Isaac to admit that he requested the clinic files from Nicole knowing that they were confidential and their use in court was not permitted. To Stark’s chagrin, the only concrete evidence linking Brandt to the murder is deemed inadmissible and the case thrown out of court. Stark is angry with Isaac, but he is unaware that his investigator is about to get even more closely
involved with the case. Soon after the trial is dismissed, Isaac rushes to the film set and bursts into Brandt’s trailer armed with a gun. Is Isaac about to sacrifice his freedom to exact revenge
on Olivia’s killer?
Elsewhere this week, Stark discovers that Julie is having a fling with a boy she met in New York, who has since quit college and returned to LA. “When you decided to come back to LA,” Stark asks of his daughter, “was it to be with me or Trevor?”

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