funky festival/chipolata’s birthday (31/40)

Funky Valley is a wonderfully bonkers place full of madcap animals who are slightly strange and extremely adorable. Narrated by Mark Williams, each episode of this series combines a story from ‘Funky Valley’ with one from ‘Funky Town’. The shows feature all the regulars from both series, including Clara the bossy hen and Dippy the forgetful cow. Other characters include Norris the naughty rat, Amadeus the wise wolf, Hoot the old owl, and Porker and Chipolata the cream-cakeloving pigs.

Together, these beloved characters rejoice in their oddness, revel in their peculiarity and party in the name of stupidity. There is only one thing certain in the Funky Valley Show – that something silly will happen every day!

In the first episode on Monday, Ralph wants to play at the Funky Festival, so he prevents the other acts from turning up. In the second episode, Chipolata anxiously awaits her birthday cards and presents in the post.

On Tuesday, in ‘Home Movies’, Dippy finds Clara’s old video camera and decides to make a movie – with herself as the star. Then, in ‘Daphne’s Sky View Blues’, Clara sends Dippy and Daphne to the top of the observation platform, but the lift gets stuck. Will anyone come to their rescue?

In ‘Bubble Trouble Dippy’ on Wednesday, it is the day of the fashion show, but the models get very dirty when they arrive at the farm. Can Dippy wash their clothes in time? Then, in ‘A Star in Their Eyes’, everyone is excited when a famous actress visits the Milk Bar.

In ‘Norris’s Milk Bar’ on Thursday, Norris opens up a rival milk bar and uses a bagpipe-playing squirrel to drum up business. In ‘Bad Hair Bunny’, Hoot invents an automatic hair-cutter and asks Dippy to operate it – with predictable results.

On Friday, in ‘Dippy the Scare Cow’, Clara is worried because the scarecrow is not working – the crows know it is not real. Dippy goes to investigate, but falls victims to a mischievous trick. And in ‘Funky Carnival’, Dippy enters the Funky Town Festival and Chipolata becomes a Milkshake Float.

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