steele under par (31/58)

The popular fireman and his friends continue their
adventures on Five. Set in the Welsh village of
Pontypandy, Fireman Sam charts the adventures
of the brave and resourceful fireman and his crew,
including Penny Morris, Elvis Cridlington and
Station Officer Steele.
Heroic and calm in any crisis, Fireman Sam is a
pillar of the community. He and his colleagues are
always on hand to respond to any call for help,
whether it be putting out fires, rescuing children
from quarries or helping cats out of trees. In his
spare time, Fireman Sam is a bit of an inventor
and likes nothing better than tinkering in his
inventing shed.
Based on an original idea by two former firemen
from Kent, this lively series is brought to life
through colourful stop-frame animation. Fireman
Sam also has an important safety message to
impart, and the series has recently partnered with
the charity CAPT (Children’s Accident Prevention Trust) to raise awareness of fire prevention.
In the first episode of the week on Monday, a surprise has put Station Officer Steele off his stroke. Before long, alarm bells are ringing in Pontypandy station.
Tuesday’s episode, ‘Disaster for Dinner’, sees the practice call-out Steele has organised put on hold as Sam’s mechanical chef catches fire.
In Wednesday’s instalment, ‘Danger: Falling Sheep’, Naughty Norman tries to conquer Pontypandy Mountain but ends up stranded on a ledge with a fallen lamb.
Thursday’s show, ‘Twist of Fate’, sees Steele get into a spot of bother during a potholing expedition. Can Dusty the sniffer dog help?
And rounding off the week’s adventures on Friday is ‘A Real Live Wire’. Mandy decides that a squirrel will make a good pet, but the little animal’s penchant for electrical cables leads to a fire…
Sam to the rescue!

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