The world’s noisiest boy continues his hilarious animated adventures. Six-year-old Gerald McBoing Boing communicates with sounds instead of words; crashing, clanging, whistling and honking his way through the world.

Gerald McBoing Boing is based on the character created by Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr Seuss – the best-selling children’s author of ‘The Cat in the Hat’. Gerald originally appeared in a series of animated shorts, the first of which won an Academy Award in 1951.

In Saturday’s first episode, Gerald helps liven up a boring tour of the Natural History Museum; a frog hoots and an owl ribbits; and Gerald battles a giant Venus Flytrap let loose on the city. In the second instalment, a mouse and an elephant play on a see-saw; Gerald brings a statue to life with his sounds; a meatball avalanche threatens the town; and, after watching a scary movie, Gerald is afraid of noises in the night.

In Sunday’s first show, the kids take funny pictures at the zoo; Gerald shrinks in size so he can go inside Jacob’s body and fix a cold; and Mom takes Gerald to a wrestling match. In the second show, a lion meows and a kitten roars; Gerald and Dad build a birdhouse; and Gerald helps loosedtooth explorers find the Fountain of Tooth.

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