The world’s noisiest boy continues his hilarious animated adventures. Six-year-old Gerald McBoing Boing communicates with sounds instead of words; crashing, clanging, whistling and honking his way through the world.

Gerald McBoing Boing is based on the character created by Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr Seuss – the best-selling children’s author of ‘The Cat in the Hat’. Gerald originally appeared in a series of animated shorts, the first of which won an Academy Award in 1951.

In Saturday’s first episode, Gerald, Jacob and Janine’s swimming-pool game attracts a sub; Gerald reads a magazine in the doctor’s waiting room; a witch gives pie-man Jacob a pumpkin head; and Dad’s party-o-matic is an unexpected hit. In the second show, Gerald goes ice-skating with Mom; Mom and Dad enter a dance competition; Jacob and Janine go with Gerald to the Island of Lost Noise; and Jacob’s new baseball ends up inside a local haunted house.

In Sunday’s first show, Dad is mistaken for a cool robot; Gerald, Jacob and Janine play rockpaper- scissors with a twist; and Gerald and Mom shop for Dad’s birthday party supplies. In the second part, Gerald, Jacob and Janine visit a horse ranch; Aunt Edith knits an unusual sweater; and a ghost writer haunts Jacob’s hotel.

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