camping holiday/daphne and the white horse (36/40)

Funky Valley is a wonderfully bonkers place full of madcap animals who are slightly strange and extremely adorable. Narrated by Mark Williams, each episode of this series combines a story from ‘Funky Valley’ with one from ‘Funky Town’. The shows feature all the regulars from both series, including Clara the bossy hen and Dippy the forgetful cow. Other characters include Norris the naughty rat, Amadeus the wise wolf, Hoot the old owl, and Porker and Chipolata the cream-cakeloving pigs.

Together, these beloved characters rejoice in their oddness, revel in their peculiarity and party in the name of stupidity. There is only one thing certain in the Funky Valley Show – that something silly will happen every day!

In the first episode on Monday, Dippy, Clara and Chipolata are exhausted from working in the café, so they decide to take a camping holiday in the country. In the second show, Daphne enters a picture of Funky Hill in the painting competition.

On Tuesday, in ‘Rat on a Hot Tin Roof’, Clara’s roof is leaking, so she calls in the builders, Norris and Ralph. But the naughty rats soon take advantage of her hospitality. Then, in ‘Dippy’s New Smile’, Dippy tries some of Amadeus’s super toothpaste but develops a smile so bright that it causes trouble all over Funky Town.

In ‘Dippy Bot’ on Wednesday, Dippy is running late again, so Amadeus builds a super-efficient Robot Dippy to take over the milk round. And in ‘Ralph and the Prize Marrow’, Clara and Ralph enter their marrows in the produce show.

In ‘Dippy and the Giant Fairy Beanstalk’ on Thursday, the animals cannot decide which panto to put on this year, so they all choose their favourite characters from different shows. Then, in ‘The Funky Girls’, Clara and Dippy head to town to catch the Funky Girls in concert.

On Friday, in ‘Alien Monster’, Dippy and Clara take a trip to the Red Planet to rescue the aliens from a big blue monster. And in ‘Clara’s Summer Camp’, the rat family find there is no space for them at Clara’s camp.

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