Episode 1

Monday 19 May 2008 3:00pm – 3:30pm on ITV1.

Stand by your beds for a brand new series which gives five couples the ultimate hosting challenge – having a stranger stay overnight in their home. Our hosts will be awarded marks for food, hosting and overnight accommodation – testing the warmth of their welcome, the quality of their cuisine and the crispness of their sheets.

Every day this week one brave host, supported by a loyal co-host, opens their home to the most intimate scrutiny as four strangers come to dinner, and one moves in for the night. With a cash prize up for grabs, each couple will have to work hard to extend their hospitality from dinner, right through to breakfast the following morning, to prove they are the hosts with the most.

The first week sees five contestants from Leeds throwing open their front doors. The first host is Linda who is assisted by her husband David. She’s keen to impress but will the fact there is no lock on the bathroom door lose her points from her overnight guest?

Rachel is next up and her friend Kendra takes on the role of co-host. Their party doesn’t go entirely to plan as Linda is convinced that the fumes from the log fire are a health hazard, and the evening ends with smashed crockery and frayed nerves.

The next party is held in a huge Gothic mansion belonging to property developer Ian. He has employee Clare on hand to assist him, but how will the guests react when they hear the mansion is haunted? In the morning the house guest discovers he was not the only over-night visitor. Something, or someone, is stirring in the sitting room.

On the penultimate night Steven enlists the help of his next door neighbour Katherine and ups the stakes by having a live band in his tiny living room.

Hannah is the last host of the week and chooses husband Murat as co-host. Murat makes each guest a very special personalised gift, but what will the house guest make of seaweed soup for breakfast?

They’ve all done their best to impress but who will get the golden toothbrush and cash prize?

So much can go wrong. Will our hosts remember to put fresh sheets on the spare bed, clean towels in the bathroom, and a chocolate on the pillow? Or will they make the ultimate tactical sacrifice and give up their own master suite? Will there be fresh croissants on the breakfast table, or just a box of stale cereal?

And how will the House Guest cope? Should they flush the toilet in the middle of the night? Will they set off the burglar alarm if they pop downstairs for a glass of water? Is there cat hair in the bed?

Across the series, there’s a haunted house, a caravan, a fabulous four-poster and a few futons on the floor. Some house guests will find themselves in the lap of luxury, others will be shocked by what they find lurking between the sheets. From Georgian manor house to student slum, it’s alien territory and everyone must spend a night outside their comfort zone.

The evening starts with dinner and four guests joining the host couple for fine food and wine. The guests collectively award points for food and the couple’s hosting skills. After dinner, the guests pick toothbrushes and the one who picks the House Guest brush stays the night. This guest awards the final mark, after breakfast, for their overnight stay. The hosts each receive a total mark out of thirty, and at the end of the week, one couple walks away with the golden toothbrush and a cash prize.

All the couples are brought back together to hear the results and toast the winners with a glass of champagne. Will it be smiles or snarls when the group gathers for the final time?

About the author

  • Anonymous

    any chance anybody can help me out ?! i have fell in love with the cardigan Riad was wearing on mr and mrs on saturday 17th may (episode 6). Would like to know were i can purchase a similar coloured cardigan. write back and inform me please. Thanks x

  • Steven

    Tiny Living-room? I had a four piece band, 8 people, a dining table for 6 and 2 camera crews in there! so yeah must be absolutely tiny!

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