Episode 3

Sunday 18 May 2008 9:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV1.

US Special Forces join Red Troop for a joint operation. Finn is pleased to be reunited with Lieutenant Pincher, a Green Beret he trained with in Kentucky, but there’s no love lost between the others, especially when Pincher is put in charge.

Their target is a new Al Qaeda training camp in the White Mountains of Afghanistan, where Mohammed Hassan is thought to be planning another 9/11 style attack. MI6 and the CIA want him captured alive, together with his laptop which holds the key to the terrorist group’s network.

At the camp, Hassan tells his recruits they have been chosen for a co-ordinated attack on seven major western cities. One of the men, Benali, seems worried about failure.

Deciding on a silent attack, the soldiers parachute into the White Mountains at night – but soon discover they have been dropped too far north. They walk through the night, with the SAS riled by the Americans’ sexist and racist remarks. After a second night they reach the outskirts of the camp where Hassan is giving out mobile phones to the chosen martyrs, which will tell his laptop when to trigger the bombs.

American soldier Ritzik realises the terrorists outnumber them at least six to one, so Pincher decides on a change of plan. He orders an air strike for dawn, hoping to drive the men out of hiding and expose Hassan.

Dawn and the AC130 Gunship arrives, causing carnage and chaos in the valley. Benali and Hassan flee up the hills. Ritzik has them in his sights when he is killed by friendly fire from the gunship. Benali and Hassan move into a ravine, guarded by a sniper. Weaver, an American sniper, and Finn compete to kill him.

Pincher wants to take Ritzik’s body home but Henno persuades him to blow him up so he cannot be abused by the enemy. Dave leads them along the mine-laden ravine.

Hassan and Benali disappear into an abandoned hydro electric power station and the soldiers follow them in a blaze of gunfire, killing their guards. They exit to find themselves at the Pakistani border – Hassan and Benali have crossed ahead of them.

Dave touches a trip wire, wounding his back. He can go no further. Then Fleming and Pincher tell the stunned men they are not authorised to enter Pakistan. The operation will be aborted. But as Louis picks up a signal that Hassan will leave at first light, Henno and Fleming realise it’s easy to get lost in the desert. Can they risk damaging international relations to cross the border and complete their mission?

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