Episode 4989

Monday 19 May 2008 7:00pm – 7:30pm

Doug (Duncan Preston) attempts to smooth the waters between Ashley (John Middleton) and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), but Laurel reaffirms her detatchment from Arthur (Billy Harrower). The Bishop (Peter Cartwright) also hears about the split and warns Ashley about the difficulty of bringing up two young children alone. Ashley and Laurel do finally talk but when no common ground can be found, Laurel retreats to Betty’s (Paula Tilbrook). Can Ashley cope without his wife?

Meanwhile, Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) is furious with Debbie’s (Charley Webb) continued presence in Sarah’s (Sophia Amber Moore) life and Jo (Roxanne Pallett) sends him over the edge with her defiance over the future of the goats. Later, Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) is worried when Jo is hospitalised with a broken wrist but Andy quickly explains that it was the result of a fall. Alone, Andy apologises to his wife, clearly the cause of her injury. Jo reminds him that he vowed never to strike her again, but is Andy’s anger too fierce to contain?

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