Thursday 29 May 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm

The show starts with Katie and Peter at exclusive London department store, Harrods. They head for the food hall, where they plan to do the catering for a special reunion dinner party they’re hosting for the Prices. They haven’t seen Katie’s family for six weeks, so they’re pulling out all the stops. The problem is shopping for food has made Peter hungry. And when he stops off to buy a quick snack, he loses track of Katie.

After buying some fancy salmon fishcakes as starters, Katie heads off to the exclusive chocolate counters – with Peter’s credit card and PIN number in hand. She excuses Peter before investing a whopping £160 on luxury chocolates. When Katie catches up with Peter again, he’s at the sushi counter ordering another plate of sashimi.

Just then celebrity radio host Richard Bacon shows up, causing confusion between Katie and Peter as to who exactly he is. Peter tells him Katie thought he was Kevin Bacon, Katie denies this, but Richard makes it clear he didn’t star in Flatliners.

Later that evening, Peter gets on with preparing his signature Thai chicken curry, while Katie enlists the help of her friend and hair stylist Melody to make banoffee pie for dessert. Katie plonks the starters down in front of the guests and it’s clear that she’s got some way to go before she becomes the hostess with the mostest. Not renowned for their culinary skills, Katie’s stepdad Paul struggles to finish Peter’s curry – it seems he took the precaution of having a meal before the dinner party to avoid disappointment.

After the main course, Katie challenges her guests to a taste test to distinguish between her and Melody’s banoffee pies – Katie’s has a touch of coffee – but only her mum Amy guesses correctly. The dinner party concludes with Katie giving her sister Sophie the brand new customised car she bought for her 18th birthday. Having failed her latest driving test and never driven in the dark before, Sophie is really nervous about driving home, so all the guests pile out to watch her torment.

The next day, Katie drives Peter to a top motor racing circuit for a fun day of rally driving. But being Katie and Peter the day out comes with a built-in competitive edge – both want to prove they’re the better driver. Katie indulges in some mind games en route, assuring Peter he’s going to win. But it may all come to nothing as she doesn’t seem to be getting any closer to the circuit. After meeting their instructors for the day, the couple get into their motor racing outfits. Sadly, for Peter, his uniform is playing havoc with his manhood. But that’s the least of his problems as Katie takes a liking to her young instructor, Ryan, sending Peter into a fit of jealousy.

After their safety briefing, Katie and Peter and their instructors head for the practice circuit to learn to handle the car. They get ten laps to show what they’re made of. And the evidence is that if the day had been all about practice, Katie would have beaten her hapless hubby hands down.

With practice over, it’s on. Katie and Peter move over to a proper rally circuit. After another ten practice laps, they take turns recording a timed lap. Katie clocks a quicker time than Peter but, as rumours of backhanders circulate, Peter is somehow declared the winner. Katie is far from pleased with the outcome leaving us to hope for Peter’s sake that she doesn’t ask for a stewards’ inquiry.

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