Every Breath You Take (10/22)

The second series of the compelling US legal drama continues. In this instalment, a female tennis star is murdered and suspicion immediately falls on a recently released prisoner who attacked the victim five years earlier. However, it gradually becomes clear that there is more to the case than meets the eye.

When new evidence emerges relating to an old case that Devlin prosecuted, a stalker convicted of stabbing tennis star Christina Shaw (Holly Valance, ‘Neighbours’, ‘Prison Break’) is released from prison. Still convinced of the man’s guilt, Devlin makes it her priority to protect the player and put the stalker, Richard Lee Franco, back behind bars. “We’ll get Franco,” she asserts. “And this time we’ll make it stick.”

After a little digging, the prosecutors come up with a new witness who is prepared to testify against Franco at his retrial. However, before Devlin can deliver the good news to Shaw, the star turns up dead. It appears that someone broke into her house and, after a struggle, stabbed her to death. “This is my fault,” says Devlin.

Before long, Franco hands himself in to the DA’s office and confesses to the murder, claiming that he and Shaw were destined to be together in death. However, some of the things he says do not match up to the specific details of the murder, leading Stark to doubt his guilt. “It wasn’t him, Jess,” he tells Devlin. “You’re not serious,” is her incredulous response. But Stark’s theory gains credence when DNA tests show that hair found under Shaw’s nails does not belong to Franco. “He’s the perfect fall guy,” says Stark. “And whoever killed Christina knew that.”

Without enough evidence to keep him in custody, Franco is released and the prosecutors set about finding the real killer. They talk to one Zach Holbrook – the bodyguard in charge of Shaw’s security when she was attacked five years earlier. Holbrook reveals that Shaw had come to him some months ago and asked for his help. She suspected her husband, Kerry Conklin, of infidelity, so Holbrook looked into it and discovered that Conklin was having an affair with another young tennis player.

When it then emerges that the alarm at Shaw’s house was deactivated on the night of her murder, Conklin is arrested. However, it seems he has a cast-iron – if a little unsavoury – alibi. When Shaw was murdered, her husband was in fact sleeping with the mother of his new girlfriend in order to win her favour and gain control of the young player’s burgeoning career. DNA results also show that the hair found at the crime scene is not Conklin’s. Though clearly immoral, this man did not murder his wife – but he is able to point Stark and his team in a new direction. Conklin reveals that rather than responding to a request for help, Holbrook had in fact approached Shaw with evidence of her husband’s affair. Before Shaw was married, she had a fling with her security manager – and he was never able to fully accept their break-up.

Worried that the judge will not grant the prosecution permission to obtain a DNA sample from a third suspect, Devlin visits Holbrook’s office under false pretences and takes a sample of his hair. When tests match Holbrook’s DNA to the hair found under Shaw’s nails, Stark and the team arrest their man. During the trial, however, the defence reveals video footage of Devlin’s misdemeanour and the DNA evidence is deemed inadmissible. Having already targeted two innocent men, the prosecution is given just 48 hours to come up with new evidence before the case is thrown out of court. “We need something now or Holbrook is going to walk,” says a desperate Devlin. But just as the trial looks set to collapse, redemption comes from the most unlikely of sources.

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