Helping out other fans

Have you ever missed your favourite TV show because you forgot to record it, didn’t get home in time or because there was a power cut?

It’s not a big deal. Recapping TV shows is a really helpful way that fans can assist each other in making sure we’re all caught up before the next episode airs.

Thousands of people read recaps on Throng every week so if you’d like to give us an hour or two of your spare time to write about what happened on your favourite show then let us know.

If you’re not sure what it involves, you can read some recent recaps as a guide.

The main thing is to try and get it up asap, so that people who missed it can catch up before the next show is on.

It’s a good idea to do a spell-check and please don’t write in text language.

Let us know here if you can do one, which show and when. If you’re unable to do a day that you put your name down for, leave a message in this topic.

If you have any questions, you can send me a private message from your account or add me on MSN messenger – regan_cunliffe @

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  • carol

    can anyone send me a copy of the family that defied hitler which was on channel 5 on 6th may 2008. I will of course pay for copy plus postage

  • Steve

    How Do They Do It? five 2 June (including ketchup factory segment)

    Please help – desperate to find DVD or VHS copy of the above programme. Will pay for copy plus purchase. Please get in touch by email to

    Many thanks

  • curiosor

    What was the song that was played on Mon 30 th june 2008 episode, where steph puts a coin into the jukebox?

  • Thats too complicated. There’s an easier way to download videos from megavideo … use It’s simple to use. You can download the original quality version of any video from is the only site that offers this feature.

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