S02E04 - More Auditions

Twenty Year old Jeremy Lynch is going to be performing Freestyle Football. He used to be on the cards at Arsenal but they let him go. He’s pretty clever with the football and has some pretty incredible ball handling skills as he performs to Beyoncé - Dangerously In Love - Crazy In Love Crazy in Love. It’s three yeses for him.

You can’t ask for more when it comes to Manchester. It’s raining. So of course they have to play Rihanna’s Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (With Bonus Material) - Umbrella Umbrella.

8 year olds Krista and Charlie are the “cheeky monkeys’ and perform an awesome rock n roll routine to Ernie Maresca - Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) - Shout Shout (Knock Yourself Out) Shout Shout (Knock Yourself Out). The audience loves them and so do Simon and Amanda. Simon wants them to fire their choreographer. It just so happens to be one of the mums.

There are a lot of dance acts that are making it through this year. Incantation, Jamie Fenuga, Leslie Collard, Shock, High on a Hill and 19 year old belly dancer Sophie May. She has Simon mesmerized with her dancing to Arash - Arash Arash - Temptation Temptation. It was an absolute yes from all three judges.

72 year old Len is going to do a strong man act. He’s been perfecting his routine for 57 years. He’s performing his routine with a 5 kilo weight around his waist and he’s doing chin ups with only two fingers all set to Elton John - Rocket Man - The Definitive Hits - I'm Still Standing I’m Still Standing. Piers and Amanda put him through.

He’s not the only 70+ performer though. In fact, there are plenty of auditioners who are 80+. The senior citizens are out in force.

The next act is 55 year old Opera singer Kay Lacey and 71 year old church organist Harvey French. When she sings Joshua Bell, Michael Stern & Orchestra of St. Luke's - Joshua Bell - Voice of the Violin - Rusalka: "Song to the Moon" Song to the Moon Simon hits his buzzer straight away with Amanda not far behind him. Piers lets it play out until the end but the audience start booing and chanting “off, off, off”. When it comes to the decision, Piers is all there while Simon is never going to vote for her. Amanda thinks it was just the wrong song and decides she’s worthy of a second chance.

18 year old Dean Wilson gets stopped by Simon who hates the song he’s performing – International Cast - Miss Saigon - The Complete Recordings - Why God Why? Why God Why. He wants to hear something a little more popular. He didn’t bring anything else so he gets to start again after the audience begs for more. He blows everyone away, and after Simon’s initial response he says that he has never seen such conviction from an audition before. It’s three yeses for Dean and he’s through as their best so far and who they believe is a true star.

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