Continuing on Five this week is the series that provides a rundown of the finest places to live in Britain. Using up-to-the-minute industry knowledge, each show pinpoints the ten locations that best meet a certain requirement, be it value for money, village life or proximity to the sea. The series is co-presented by lifestyle and property expert Melissa Porter (‘I Own Britain’s Best Home’) and home-renovation specialist Ian Blandford. This week’s programme focuses on building new homes from scratch.

Each instalment of the Property List presents a countdown of the best places to either buy or build a home in Britain. A different theme is covered in each programme, from sunny coastal idylls to cosy village communities.

Every location featured in the countdown has been thoroughly researched against certain criteria, including property prices and employment rates, as well as the state of the local economy and the quality of life in the area. Properties in all price brackets and regions will be highlighted in the top ten – so there is something for every budget.

While property on the continent is perceived to be better value for money, this series encourages buyers to look closer to home, and demonstrates that the dream may well be within arm’s reach.

In the fifth instalment of the series, Melissa and Ian travel the length and breadth of the country in search of the ten locations most suitable for building a dream home. With more Brits than ever before deciding to design and build their own fantasy properties, the Property List provides the information vital to make that dream a reality.

From Cardiff in Wales to Kettering in Northamptonshire, Ingleby Barwick in North Yorkshire to Richmond in Surrey, Melissa and Ian name the ten perfect spots to buy land, apply for planning permission and build new properties. The intrepid presenters explain just what it is about these locations that make them superb places for new-builds in 2008 – whether it is low crime rates, excellent schools, good transport links, decent employment prospects or great views. The Property List has done all the hard, time-consuming background work so the viewers will not have to.

Featuring other locations such as Salcombe, Falkirk, Marlborough and Abingdon, this week’s show has something for everyone, no matter where they currently live or how much cash they want to invest. But, after a whistle-stop tour of the country and a thorough examination of all the relevant facts and figures, which location will come out top of the Property List?

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