BB9 Day 1

Watching the housemates enter the house and meet themselves for the first time is pretty funny. Mario, Lisa, Luke and Stephanie are all in on a secret – that Mario and Lisa are a couple. As a cover story, Mario and Stephanie are told that they’re going to pose as a couple. Their own cover story is that Mario is going to be 32 instead of 42 and that he’s a football player.

Rachel arrives into the house and the plot starts to thicken as the questions about their relationship start to come. They’ve been together for eight months and Rachel thinks they’re a hot couple and are going to make beautiful children.

Dale arrives and he and Rachel seem to hit it off. Sylvia arrives and is greeted by Mario as everyone else is out exploring the house.

Stephanie is not so sure about the whole plan and is wondering if there is another conspiracy going on. Mario assures her that no one else had been in the diary room and that it’s for real.

Dennis arrives and Stephanie and Sylvia are in the bathroom talking about how surreal it feels.

Rachel wonders how Mario and Stephanie are going to cope with sex. They say they’ll manage.

Michael arrives and introduces himself to everyone as Mikey. He’s blind so Mario takes him for a tour of the house.

Alexandra arrives into the house and is the second African woman to arrive in a purple dress. She’s very excited to be on Big Brother despite being booed by the crowd as she arrived.

Executive Chef – Rex – arrives and all the formalities continue. The housemates keep coming as Mohamed arrives to join the party in the brand new Big Brother house.

Rebecca hyperventilates as she arrives. Sylvia takes her to get a drink. When Darnell arrives, the buxom brunette is jumping up and down and screaming as a new housemate arrives.

Part time model Jennifer arrives and Rebecca’s screaming continues. It certainly doesn’t take much to get her excited. Dennis describes Jennifer to Michael and describes her as beautiful. She is.

Stephanie wants to know where Mario met Lisa. Mario doesn’t really want to talk about it as they’re supposed to be the ones being the couple and they have a challenge to complete.

Kathreya is the final housemate to arrive and joins the other 15 with their glasses of bubbles.

After 25 minutes, Big Brother opens the bedrooms. It’s pretty manic as everyone dives onto the luxury beds. When they see the second room with the slat beds they’re not impresses. Kathreya and Darnell don’t really mind them. Michael comes in and smells rubber and thinks it’s the S&M room.

The girls decide that the luxury bedroom should be for the woman.

Kathreya is wandering around the house trying to find her way to the bed room.

Rebecca, Dale and Mohamed are in the ash tray having a cigarette.

Stephanie is in the diary room and doesn’t think that Mario and Lisa aren’t actually a couple. She is suspicious about it but doesn’t have any proof, just intuition.

Mario and Luke talk about Stephanie’s paranoia. Stephanie has decided that she’s going to sleep in the same bed as Mario though.

Stephanie and Rex are having a cigarette. (What a waste!)

Big Brother has an envelope for the housemates with 5 tokens. The tokens are for various things. For hot water from when it is purchased until midnight or an hour of hair straighteners, clippers etc.

They’re not told that they will be able to earn more tokens.

Alexandra, Rachel and Rebecca go to the diary room to find out how much alcohol they can get for one token. There is no alcohol for them. Alexandra isn’t happy about there being no hot water.

Rebecca has her thong hanging out the top of her pajamas while she’s having a smoke with some of the other housemates.

Lisa is in the diary room and thinks it’s going well but over the next few days it’s going to be a little harder.

Mario is already in bed when Stephanie arrives but is on the side of the bed that she wants. She asks him to move over and he cheekily asks what it’s worth.

Rachel is in the diary room giving first impressions. She loves Mario and Steph but thinks the other boys are going to want a bit of her but wont be able to.

Darnell and Mohamed talk at the ash tray and Mohamed asks if Lisa is a woman. Darnell thinks Sylvia and Rachel are nice but Stephanie would be there if she didn’t have a man. Mohamed thinks Rachel and Stephanie are his top two.

Stephanie and Rachel are talking about relationships on one of the sofas and how her and Mario haven’t lived together before and how much of a challenge it will be doing it for the first time in the big brother house. Rachel thinks that the whole process with Mario inside the Big Brother house will either make or break their relationship.

At 3:39am, most of the housemates are still up. Rebecca finds out the time tells everyone it’s time to go to sleep. Stephanie is in the diary room scared about the task as she’s hating lying to everyone. She’s not really comfortable sleeping in the same bed as him. They tell her she doesn’t have to sleep in the same bed as him but she says she does in fact kinda have to in order to keep up appearances.

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