Wednesday 23 July 2008

In the last programme of the series, two employers look for a house manager to oversee the smooth running of the household and any staff that go with it. Thomas Hughes owns a marketing agency. His wife left him three years ago and, with two teen daughters, he desperately needs help running the house. Three prospective house managers – Allan, Patricia and Roxana – also spend two days on the 200-acre Yorkshire estate of Lady Swinton. She needs a reliable house manager to look after the estate and all the staff there. The trio agree to undergo trial periods and it soon becomes clear that the real challenge for Lady Swinton is finding someone who fits in with her existing staff, while in Buckinghamshire, Thomas’s daughters are proving a handful…

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  • lydia

    Being involved in this tv show was fantastic I enjoyed every moment of it. I know some people will be cynical thinking my family only took part to get our ’15 minutes of fame’ which is utter bollocks. We chose to take part because it was a once in a life time chance. If my family or I come across as complete arses or idiots… you know what…… we don’t care, we had so much fun filming it and we are on tv and YOU AINT!!

    the tv crew filmed us for over 80 hours and over 50 hours was filmed at lady swindons, so to get that down to just an hour would be a huge mission… my point being that they r going to obviously pick all the dramatic bits out to show the public, which may make us look like tits! (we had a party and someone ended up getting kicked!)
    at no point did my younger sister or myself prove ourselves as handfuls…
    We are not shown the programme before its aired so when it’s shown on tv it will be the first time we see it as well as being the first time the rest of the country see it!

    so if we come off as fucking idiots so what!!!

    x x love life x x

  • Rainbow LJ

    you are hot, Lady Swinton rocks

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