monday 11 – friday 15 august

Steve makes a rash decision. A face from the past arrives in Ramsay Street. Carmella refuses to confront her shopping addiction. Bridget stumbles across a shocking secret. Sam persuades Dan to take a risk.

This is a terrible week for the Parkers as they face the consequences of Bridget’s ordeal with Chris Knight. With the lad still unconscious in hospital, Miranda fears that Steve may have taken justice into his own hands – only for Bridget to admit that she was the one who pushed Chris over. However, when the police arrive to question them, Steve rushes to protect his flustered daughter by confessing to a crime he did not commit. Unable to live with his decision, Miranda goes behind his back and tries to set the story straight with the police, but news that Chris has died from his injuries changes everything. With Steve now facing a manslaughter charge, Miranda swears to keep his secret and forbids Bridget from telling the truth. Will Steve end up in jail?

Emotions are running high in another corner of Ramsay Street this week as Paul receives a further demand for money from the blackmailer. Meanwhile, a familiar face appears when Lyn Scully arrives on Steph’s doorstep with ideas of bringing her daughter and Toadie back together.

But Lyn’s arrival prompts Elle to wonder if she could be the blackmailer. When confronted, Lyn breaks down and admits that she has indeed been blackmailing Paul as revenge for jilting her at the altar. Steph worries for her mum’s mental state and tries to strike a deal with Elle – Lyn will say nothing of Paul’s infidelity to Rebecca if they agree not to press charges. An outraged Paul reluctantly agrees to forgive Lyn for her blackmail, but the manner of his apology so angers her that she resolves to tell Rebecca after all. With Lyn on the warpath, is Paul’s world about to fall apart?

Elsewhere, Carmella is conflicted when Marco fires Sienna from the general store for stealing. But little does Marco know that Carmella has been helping herself to notes from the till to fund her shopping addiction. Oliver knows what is going on and pushes Carmella to be honest, but instead she tries to buy Sienna’s silence by offering her trinkets and promising to get her job back. Is Carmella sabotaging her own happiness, as Oliver claims?

Also this week, when Bridget discovers Riley and Nicola’s secret affair, a guilt-ridden Riley decides to quit Ramsay Street and embark on a new life as a Middle Eastern war correspondent. Sam convinces Dan that the time is right for her to come off her medication and try for a baby. Mickey sets up a special dinner for Ned and Kirsten. And Libby pushes Ty and Rachel together.

Coming Soon
Will Bridget come clean about Chris’s death?
Steve is threatened.
Susan makes a fateful decision.
Is Samantha really pregnant?
Sparks fly between Rachel and Ty.
Will Rebecca learn the truth?

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