Mr and Mrs Wolf

Coming to five in August 2008

Shaun Ellis, the Wolfman, gets closer to wolves than anyone has ever done – living, eating, sleeping with them as one of the pack, 24/7. Now he’s become close to a human too – Helen Jeffs, his new love. But how will Helen be treated by the in-laws – Shaun’s pack of seven enormous timber wolves? Will they let her join the pack and help Shaun raise its first litter of pups, or will they see her as lunch?

In the summer of 2005, Shaun Ellis had been living with his wolves for three years altogether – a monumental period of isolation in which he almost broke contact with people. He had become, to all intents and purposes, a wolf. But then Helen Jeffs started visiting Combe Martin Wildlife Park – not to see the wolves, but to see him. After a few months, she managed to tempt Shaun out of his enclosure to go on their first date. “I guess downwind he probably did smell a bit,” Helen remembers, “We went to a pub and he was still in the clothes he’d worn in the enclosure. But there was definitely an animal attraction!”

From the word “go”, Helen knew that this would be no ordinary relationship. “Shaun taught me how to howl so I could stay in contact with him while he was with the pack. We would howl to each other across the valley. It was very romantic,” beams Helen.

But two years on; it’s crunch time – living with Shaun means being a part of his ‘living experiment’ and this year he wants her to be the first woman ever to be accepted and live with a wolf pack. It’s not going to be easy – Shaun had to play-fight, endure wolf-bites, “eat” kills, regurgitate food in the wolves mouths and even mark territory with urine, 24/7, before he was accepted by the pack. But, despite being extremely apprehensive, Helen is adamant it’s something she wants to do – because by joining she could save lives.

It looks like Cheyenne, the only female, is pregnant and is on the lookout for ‘nannies’ of both sexes to care for and teach her pups. If she thinks Helen is an ‘good enough wolf’ she’ll get the job, teaching the wolves to prepare for delicate pups and teaching the pups to cope with potentially lethal wolves. But it’s a big job and a dangerous job. And Shaun will be her teacher.

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  • Anonymous

    absolutely awesome, what a brave lady!wishing you all the luck you deserve for doing such a wonderful job dipelling silly myths and superstions about a beautiful and fascinating animal

  • amanda

    I missed half of the programme!!!!, i recorded it but my sky box said it had had a power cut, i got to the bit where she was getting ready to go in the enclosure to have the watch wolf put his jaws around her nexk to show her that she can trust him and then it went off, ggggrrrrrrrrr!!!, if anyone knows when it is on again please please let me know on here or however else lol

  • Anonymous

    help i mist a day will anybody tell me where you watchit again.

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