wayne’s world 3: killer shark (16/16)

The second series of the compelling US legal drama concludes. In the final episode, Stark’s old nemesis Wayne Callison escapes from prison and kidnaps Julie in a bid to get his revenge over the wily lawyer. Stark must submit to Callison’s demands if he is to have any hope of saving his daughter.

Stark’s world looks set to collapse around him this week when Isaac calls him to a crime scene to inspect the body of murdered 22-year-old Megan Cooper. The slashes on the victim’s thighs and head match those favoured by evil serial killer Wayne Callison – Stark’s old enemy. Yet Callison is serving life in a maximum security prison. Is this new victim the work of a copycat?

Stark heads directly to jail to question his old adversary about the killing, but Callison (Bill Campbell) is more interested in having his vengeance on the lawyer for falsifying evidence against him (see the episode, ‘Wayne’s World 2: Revenge of the Shark’). Callison knows this latest murder will give him grounds for an appeal. “During which, I will recount in vivid detail your elaborate plot to frame me by cutting up a young woman’s body and passing her off as a murder victim,” he says.

Stark denies Callison’s accusations, but inwardly he knows he must protect his dark secret. He deliberately slashed the body of suicide victim Hannah Morton to make it look like she was killed by Callison. For Stark, it was the only way to ensure the serial killer saw the inside of a prison cell – but are his actions about to catch up with him?

In the event, the judge denies Callison’s appeal, but it soon becomes apparent that the murderer has other ideas. On his way back to jail, he kills two guards and leaves a third unconscious on the ground before escaping in a van. Stark and his team realise that Callison never had any intention of winning his appeal – he simply wanted the chance to escape during transit from prison. “Now we got two problems,” snarls Stark. “The psycho copycat who did his Callison impression on Megan Cooper, and the real thing about to give him a run for his money.”

Isaac and Reyes make progress with the first of their two problems when they interrogate Christopher Hoffs, a Callison devotee who communicated with the killer by email. Hoffs admits that he selected Megan Cooper as a victim, but insists that another Callison fan carried out the murder. Internet records reveal that Callison had another pen pal – none other than Deputy Sheriff Nancy Lisco, the guard that Callison left unconscious during his escape.

The deputy sheriff has gone on the run, and Isaac and Reyes are shocked to discover photos of Julie in her office. Is Stark’s daughter Callison’s next target? Police race to Stark’s house but they are too late – Callison has kidnapped Julie. A distraught Stark holds things together long enough to get a lead on Lisco and Callison’s whereabouts. SWAT teams descend on the cabin where they may be hiding, only for Stark to hear the words he dreads to hear: “We have a body – female,” says a cop. Rushing inside, Stark finds Nancy Lisco dead on the floor.

Callison’s trail seems to have gone cold – until he calls Stark with further instructions. He orders the lawyer to send the police on a wild goose chase, before directing him to his real hiding place: the mock courtroom in the basement of Stark’s house. This private den is where the lawyer practises his courtroom speeches. Callison now puts Stark on trial by challenging him to defend his record as a father while a terrified Julie watches on. “You convince me you deserve your daughter, and you’ll both walk out of here,” Callison says. Stark must present the case of his life – but how will Julie react when she hears the true extent of her father’s dark deeds?

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