Beginning this week on Five is a brand-new series that brings to life the classic card game of the 1970s and 80s. Hosted by Robert Llewellyn and Ashley Hames, the show uses the Top Trumps format to examine all manner of extreme machines – from enormous ships to giant diggers.

The opening episode sees Robert and Ashley enter the world of the superyacht as they vie to find the statistics that will earn them first blood in the Top Trumps challenge.

First launched in the UK in 1977, Top Trumps is played using a pack of special cards featuring a range of statistics about a certain subject. It became an instant hit, and cards were soon being handed back and forth in playgrounds across the country. Themes covered in the original game included such weighty topics as cars, planes, dinosaurs and superheroes – to name but a few.

This ten-part series sees Robert and Ashley go head-to-head in a bid to outsmart each other across a range of subjects. With each show based on a different theme, the presenters will go on personal fact-finding missions, before comparing what they have learned. After immersing themselves in everything there is to know about their given topic, they will battle it out to see which statistics are more impressive. Themes explored by Robert and Ashley throughout the series include high-tech fire engines, extreme all-terrain vehicles, super cars, mammoth earthmovers, colossal helicopters and fearsome warships.

This week, the plucky pair submerge themselves in the high-speed, big-money world of luxury yachts. In search of the all-important data, Robert heads to the English Channel with record-breaking yachtswoman Dame Ellen MacArthur. Here, he attempts to uncover every last fact and feature about Ellen’s world-class Imoca Open 60 racingyacht – including, perhaps, his heart-rate when the boat banks dramatically during the speed test!

Meanwhile, Ashley visits the Mediterranean for his top trump – a £6million Pershing speedboat. Before long, he is neck-deep in gizmos, gadgets and leather upholstery, but what he really wants to know is how fast can a 75-tonne luxury plaything move? He soon finds his answer – and almost falls overboard as a result.

Once all the facts have been researched and collected, will it be wind power or engine welly that wins the war of the waves? Only time will tell as the duelling duo spar with their statistics for the title of Superyacht Top Trump Champion.

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