Continuing this week is the comedy panel show hosted by funny man Marcus Brigstocke. The What in the World? Quiz sees two teams go head to head over four rounds of scientific questions and challenges. This week’s show features sleepy sloths, the speed of mud and a man who smashes melons with his head. And in a studio experiment, Dr Chris Smith constructs a vacuumcleaner bazooka.

To use the host’s own words, the What in the World? Quiz “cuts a neat incision down the middle of planet Earth, lets the facts slop out all over the floor and goes poking around in its guts”. To help him in this bizarre quest, Marcus employs the services of the two regular team captains, Lee Hurst and Dominic Holland. Each week, Lee and Dominic are joined by an academic of their own choosing to guide them through the quagmire of scientific facts. This week, Lee is joined by Dr Andy Fabian, a professor of astronomy at Cambridge University. Dominic’s teammate is Andy’s wife, Dr Carolin Crawford, lecturer in maths and astronomy at Cambridge.

Throughout the series, Marcus, Lee and Dominic plough the fields of science, the natural world, new technology and the upper limits of human achievement – all in the name of entertainment. Crammed with information and full to bursting with a plethora of facts, the show is sure to teach every member of the family something they did not already know – so viewers had better pay attention!

Round 1 is World of Extremes. Dominic and Carolin must identify which animal sleeps the longest in an average day – a sloth, a squirrel or an elephant. The pair are determined to avoid the obvious answer of sloth, even when Marcus urges them to reconsider. “I can tell you that a sloth only bothers to come out of its tree to either have a wee or a poo,” he says. Lee and Andy, meanwhile, must decide on the relative speeds of a cheetah, an office on wheels and mud. “Implausible though it sounds, we’re going for the mud,” Lee declares.

Round 2 is the quick-fire question round, Time Bomb. Lee and Andy are asked to choose which is the quickest – a man smashing 40 melons with his head, a man rolling ten cars on their backs or a sunrise. Their answer determines how much time Dominic and Carolin have to answer a series of questions, before Lee and Andy are themselves put in the hot seat.

Next up is Experimental, where the team members must use their scientific knowledge to predict the result of a studio experiment. The ‘Naked Scientist’, Dr Chris Smith, has fashioned a contraption out of a vacuum cleaner and a long plastic tube. “This is a homemade vacuum bazooka,” he says. The teams must guess which object will fly further out of the device – a stick of rock or a humble sausage painted yellow.

Lee and Andy are dismayed to see their choice of the stick of rock shatter all over the floor when fired from the tube, while Dominic and Carolin are left celebrating when their annointed sausage flies all the way across the studio. “There are kids up and down the country now making one of these,” Dominic jokes as he eyes up the bazooka. Marcus, meanwhile, is more concerned by what is happening off-stage. “You’ve killed the sound man!” he bellows at Chris.

All of which high-spirited malarkey brings the contest to the fourth and final round, Factoid Frenzy. The teams are shown a clip containing all manner of facts and figures, before being asked a series of questions based on what they have seen. Each correct response wins three points, while an incorrect answer loses three. Lee and Andy have built a solid lead over their rivals as they enter the final round – can they possibly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

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