Consumer affairs expert Martin Lewis continues to offer viewers essential money-saving advice. In this instalment, Martin shows how to snap up fantastic last-minute winter holidays at bargain prices. And a canny money saver from Glasgow reveals how he got a better deal on his mobilephone package by negotiating with his supplier.

It Pays to Watch continues to show viewers how to make the most of their savings, get cheap weekend breaks, successfully tackle credit-card debt and dodge big fares on the rail network. The popular Money Saving News slot also makes a welcome return, as Martin tracks down the latest hot deals, offers, loopholes and freebies.

Martin is joined on the show by Five News correspondent Ruth Liptrot, who goes out onto the streets of Britain to meet ordinary people who have taken money-saving to the extreme. As well as covering big campaign stories, the series explains how to become a savvy consumer, with advice on reclaiming cash and cutting bills.

This week, Martin looks at how to bag a top-value holiday. With winter looming and half-term around the corner, Martin offers viewers advice on how to grab a last-minute hotel getaway for peanuts. In particular, he shows how it is possible to get a fivestar hotel break at a one-star price.

Also this week, super saver Jim from Glasgow demonstrates how he slashed his mobile-phone bills by haggling with his service provider. Is there a lesson from Jim’s story that can be applied to consumers up and down the country?

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