cool shadow! (29/52)

Continuing on Milkshake! this week is the colourful cartoon about a boy whose toy dinosaurs come to life and transport him to a magical land. Whatever problems he encounters in his normal life, Harry can always find solutions – and adventures –with his prehistoric pals in Dino World!

On Saturday, Harry and his primeval playmates are having a great time making shadow puppets in Harry’s bedroom – until their shadows disappear into Dino World… Fortunately, shadows love to play almost as much as dinosaurs – and so follows the greatest game of hide-and-seek that Dino World has ever seen!

In Sunday’s episode, ‘Do You Like My Tent?’, Harry and the Dinos embark on a camping adventure in an attempt to earn their own special badges. The intrepid explorers head to Dino World in search of the Lost Falls, but all manner of pesky bugs and scary monsters stand in their way…

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