September 18 2008

Niall tries to poison John Paul. Amy comes clean about her pregnancy.

Niall, John Paul and Craig

Niall packs up all Kieron’s clothing and finds a letter from him to Myra which was never given to her.

Myra finds the plane ticket from Craig and wonders if he will use it. John Paul thinks it’s too soon to turn his back on Kieron. Myra says he’s gone and not to let guilt ruin his life.

John Paul packs up his stuff, saying he’s moving back home to be with his family but is also considering going to be with Craig.

Niall grabs his phone while he’s packing and listens to then deletes a message from Craig saying he’ll be waiting for him.

Niall tries to stall John Paul from leaving as long as possible, talking about how important unconditional love is from family and how he’s broken up with Steph. Niall convinces him to stay for one drink, and pours pills into John Paul’s beer!

Meanwhile, Craig waits for John Paul, hoping he’ll come.


Amy goes for her scan with Michaela and her dad. Before she goes in, she admits she lied about being pregnant initially – to stop Ste from hurting her – but she got pregnant later.

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