September 19 2008

Craig and John Paul have their happy ending finally. Niall survives accidentally poisoning himself.

Niall, John Paul and Craig

Craig continues to wait for John Paul to turn up but wants to know from Steph about what’s going on with his family, he can’t figure it out.

Meanwhile, John Paul’s head starts to spin a bit, thanks to the pills in his can of beer. However, it is Niall who gets the vast majority of the pills as John Paul spills Niall’s while he is in the bathroom and swaps the cans! John Paul leaves while Niall struggles to the bathroom, trying to phone for help but fails.

When John Paul turns up, it is too late as Craig has already said goodbye to everyone. Myra tells an upset John Paul that life is too short, so don’t waste it. So he races down to the station and finally they hug. John Paul says he can’t just walk back into his life and give him the ticket, he was finally over him and has been so hurt by him and before he walks out of his life forever, he wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world! He tells him he loves him and they kiss before getting onto the train together for Dublin.

Steph turns up and finds Niall collapsed on the floor. He is ok after a while.

Michaela, Zoe and Amy

Zoe still thinks Michaela is a lesbian and has a crush on her. Michaela is shocked.

Mike tells Amy he wants her to be happy and to consider an abortion now she’s not with Ste. Amy says no and can’t believe he’d say that. Mike just wants to support her no matter what.

Michaela “accidentally” gives Zoe a black eye!

Darren and Newt

Darren gives Newt some helpful advice about dealing with bullies.

Songs in this episode:

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