September 22 2008

Newt sees Jack. Justin loses his memory and Leila says she’s his girlfriend!

Tina, Dom, Leila and Justin

It’s Tina’s first day so Leila shows her around. Leila accidentally bangs into Justin and he’s knocked out with concussion and some memory loss! Leila visits him in hospital and says she’s his girlfriend!

Meanwhile Dom deals with a crying baby at home before going and spending time with Tony.

Jacqui’s annoyed that Tina is going to college and leaving Dom with the baby.

Jack, Frankie, Newt and Darren

Jack’s going crazy hiding in the attic.

Newt’s essay has been published in the newspaper, winning a laptop! Michaela’s frustrated she didn’t win the essay competition and starts being mean to Newt but he stands up to her. Michaela tries throwing a drink at him but it hits Darren instead!

Later, Darren throws a drink at Cindy then invites her out to dinner.

That night, Newt can’t sleep and gets up, to discover Jack!

Amy and Ste

Ste tries apologising to Amy but Amy says he could never be a proper dad and asks him to leave her alone.

Jacqui’s tanning salon

Jacqui won’t let Tony get a peek inside her tanning salon until it’s complete. Jacqui interviews Michaela for the job but she gets frustrated and leaves.

Justin and Ste

Justin’s frustrated with Ste for not turning up to work.

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