September 23 2008

Newt worries he’s going crazy again. Justin pretends he has memory loss. Ste wants Amy back.

Darren and Cindy

Darren and Cindy sleep together after a date.


Newt visits Jack’s grave, thinking he’s going crazy for seeing Jack and asks him to leave him alone!

Frankie worries about Newt since he’s been hiding away in his room. He tells Darren he’s fine and there’s nothing he can do. Newt says he saw Jack yesterday and thinks he’s not getting better. Darren tells him not to tell anyone about seeing Jack.

Newt pours all his medication down the sink.

Amy and Josh

Josh has the house to himself this weekend and asks Amy to keep him company. He makes her a candlelit dinner but they are annoyingly interrupted by Michaela who thought it was a party and invited everyone along!

Ste turns up and tries to talk to Amy, but it ends up with Josh and Ste fighting!

Ste says he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back.

Leila and Justin

Leila tells Ste that Justin thinks Leila is his girlfriend while he has short term memory loss. Ste thinks she should tell him he’s not going out with her but Leila wants him to play along.

Justin leaves hospital and Leila continues to pretend she’s his girlfriend.

Ste tells Justin that Leila isn’t his girlfriend who is a weird stalker. Justin grins, saying he didn’t lose his memory and wants to make Leila hate him!

Leila tries to tell Justin she’s not really his girlfriend but can’t quite do it.


Tony’s desperate to see into Jacqui’s shop or to help but she won’t let him. Then, she thinks of something he can do – be her first tanning customer for her to practice on. He goes a bright orange.

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