September 24 2008

Tina breaks up with Dom and tells Russ that Max is his son! Justin and Leila come clean with each other.

Tina and Dom

Dom sneaks home the next morning but Tina spots him. He says he crashed at Russ’s house for the night after getting drunk. Tina slaps him.

However, Dom admits to Tony that he remembers leaving with a girl named Gemma but can’t remember anything else.

Meanwhile, Gemma turns up looking for Dom as they accidentally have each other’s cellphones. Jacqui kicks her out and tells Dom to go sort things out with Tina.

Meanwhile, Tina asks Russ about Dom staying. He covers for him.

Gemma turns up at Dom’s house, and meets Tina. Gemma tells Tina that Dom stayed the night at her place before giving back his cellphone.

Tina tells him to leave! Dom says he can’t remember what happened and admits he mucked up and lied about staying at Russ’s. Dom says he loves her so much and they can work through it. Tina says she doesn’t love him any more. Dom pleads with her but Tina says it’s not fair on either of them. In tears, Dom leaves.

Tina tells Russ that Max is actually his son and he can’t leave!

Steph, Cindy and Mandy

Steph is sent flowers from Niall.

Cindy fakes being sick to get out of work but is caught out later by Steph and Mandy. She agrees to babysit and open MOBS for the rest of the week.

Justin and Leila

Justin continues to treat Leila like a slave and starts to talk about getting married, showing her a ring and having babies!

Finally Justin comes clean and says he didn’t have amnesia and says he felt she was a stalker so wanted to wind her up. Leila’s hurt and says she only pretended to be his girlfriend to be able to check how he was at hospital.

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