September 24 2008

Michaela sleeps with Zac. Amy considers an abortion. Dom goes home with Gemma. Jacqui has opening day problems.

Michaela and Zac

Michaela sleeps with Zac but still dreams about Mike.

Michaela gets Zac to look after Leah for an hour who bumps into Ste and gives her to him!

Michaela tells Mike that she made a terrible mistake sleeping with Zac and is about to tell him she has feelings for him when Zoe and Amy show up.

Amy goes over to Ste’s to get Leah back but she’s fine. Mike tells him it’s the last time he sees Leah. Michaela feels terrible.

Amy wonders about having an abortion to stop Ste’s hold on her life.


Jacqui’s rushing around getting everything ready for her tanning salon opening. The signwriter doesn’t turn up so Jacqui paints one herself – Tony thinks it looks a little bit makeshift.

Everyone turns up for the opening where Tony is her tanning model! He thought only women would turn up and freaks out to be seen by all the guys in his underwear.

Jacqui feels jinxed when nothing goes to plan so she shares a bottle of wine with Mercedes.

Justin and Leila

Justin bosses his “girlfriend” around as if she’s his personal slave. Leila thinks it’s a nightmare and realises she doesn’t like him that much.

Ste, Josh and Amy

Michaela teases Amy about Josh being her new hero.

Ste tries to talk to Amy at school, but Josh and Amy walk away.

Caroline and Russell

Caroline and Russell are all over each other and even have sex in the toilets. Caroline suggests packing their bags and going travelling together around the world. Russell thinks about it for a moment and says yes!

Dom, Tina and Gemma

Tina struggles with not wanting to be boring and wanting to be with her baby.

Dom meets a girl called Gemma, whose fiance has disappeared. He gets drunk and she takes him home.

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