September 29 2008

Amy tells Mike that Billy is Leah’s father – and that she wants an abortion. Tina tells everyone that Russ is Max’s father. Malachy and Mercedes say they love each other.


Newt continues to see things.

Tina, Max and Russ

Tina thanks Russ for letting her and Max stay for the night. Russ gets a txt from Caroline who is having a great time on holiday.

Russ wants everyone to know he is Max’s father and doesn’t want any more secrets. So they head over to talk to Dom, and Tony, Jacqui and Mercedes are there too. Finally, Tina tells everyone that Russ is Max’s father! Everyone is shocked and Tina is really apologetic. Mercedes calls her a slag but Jacqui is at a loss for words for once. Dom and Tony are both down about how things turned out.

Later, Dom tries to fight Russ.

Malachy and Mercedes

Malachy tries to tell Mercedes his news again, but she’s down that her ex-husband slept with her sister and had a baby.

Later, Mercedes wants to sleep with Malachy but he holds back saying he doesn’t have any condoms. Mercedes doesn’t care, saying she’s on the pill. They say they love each other.

Amy and Josh

Amy tells Josh she’s going to have an abortion and says she’s not telling her dad. She asks Josh to go with her to the appointment, he agrees.

Josh bumps into Mike, who goes on about Amy’s baby, and asks him to be there for Amy. Josh says whatever she decides he’ll be there for her – which makes Mike wonder what’s going on. He presses Josh to tell him.

Mike talks to Amy and asked her what’s changed. Amy wants him to support her decision. When Mike says that having an abortion won’t stop Ste being in her life, Amy blurts out that Ste isn’t Leah’s dad – Billy is! Amy says she’s really scared. Mike says he’ll be there for her 100%, but she needs to let him be her dad.

Newt, Darren and Cindy

Cindy wants to have sex with Darren at his place, but he tries to get her to take him somewhere else but it doesn’t work. Newt walks in on them.

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