Film of the week: Layer Cake

Saturday 25th – Friday 31st October

This week’s top film is Matthew Vaughn’s smart
crime thriller, in which a pre-Bond Daniel Craig
plays a nameless cocaine dealer hoping to retire
and live off his hard-earned millions in peace.
Of course it is not that easy – and the antihero
soon finds himself embroiled in the search for a
gangster’s missing daughter, the theft of a huge
Ecstasy shipment and a vengeful hit man…
Based on the novel by JJ Connolly, who also
wrote the screenplay, ‘Layer Cake’ stars Michael
Gambon, Sienna Miller and Colm Meaney.
Matthew Vaughn, who produced Guy Ritchie’s
‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and
‘Snatch’, makes his directorial debut.

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