Girlband are a four piece girl group featuring Tita Lau, Marisa Billitteri, Layla Manoochehri and Phoebe Jay Lau.

Tita Lau
AGE: 19

Tita from Bristol is one of the founder members of Girlband. For years she tried to make it in the music industry and often bumped into (or auditioned against) Layla. After a while they both decided to form a group and see if they stood a better chance as a girlband (as opposed to solo artists), they also recruited Tita’s younger sister and a local friend Marisa and Girlband was born.
Before Girlband Tita spent numerous years trying to break into the music industry and had semi success with a band called Glitzzi Girlz (they supported Blue in a few concerts). Tita claims her mum’s support has always helped her determination to follow her dream.

Marisa Billitteri
AGE: 19

Marisa from Bristol claims to be the quietest member of the group and still lives with her family (including older sister)
Whilst at school between the ages of 16-17 years old, she was badly bullied by a gang of girls.
She has been singing for over 12 years and tried out for many singing competitions including local events and a Disney Channel event called Star Ticket in 2003. After meeting the girls at various music auditions over the years she joined them to form Girlband and The X Factor was their first audition together.

Layla Manoochehri
AGE: 22

Layla from Birmingham has been singing for over 20 years and has the most musical experience of the girls within the group. She’s been a song writer (co written a song for Lisa Stansfield), recorded a rock album in Germany, supported Blue on tour and entered the first series of Pop Idol and reached the final 50.
She, like Tita had enough of never getting any major success as solo artists in the music industry so decided to form a girlband together to see what they could achieve together.
Layla is close to her family and both her brothers are football players, she claims to be the small cute one of the band!

Phoebe Jay Lau
AGE: 17

Phoebe from Bristol is the youngest member of the group and Tita’s younger sister, she claims to be the excitable/giggly one!
She was due to start a Business course at University in October but has decided she will defer for now and concentrate on the band and their X Factor journey.

Mentored by: Louie Walsh

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  • Big Bits

    I reckon they would have had more success if they had done their act topless. Looks like they certainly had enough equiptment.
    I would have come and seen them topless

  • doodlebug

    would be even better if they performed with no clothes on – that would be gert loverly.

  • george arse

    nice pert ones I think just how I like ’em. Nice bit orf crumpet

  • sheepshagger

    They do have big knockers don’t they

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