It’s an Elephantostrich (41/52)

Continuing on Milkshake! this week is the colourful cartoon about a boy whose toy dinosaurs come to life and transport him to a magical land. Whatever problems he encounters in his normal life, Harry can always find solutions with his prehistoric pals in Dino World!

On Saturday, Harry mixes up his toy animals and invents weird new creatures, only to drop them all in his bucket by accident. The mixed-up animals reappear full-sized in Dino World. Can Harry find a way to separate them and send them back to the real world?

In Sunday’s episode, ‘My Hair Is Short’, Harry doesn’t like his short new haircut, so he goes to Dino World in search of something to make it grow back. Help is at hand in the form of Gaston, a hairdressing French poodle, and his super hair-growing potion. The remedy soon provides Harry with long flowing locks, but disaster ensues when Steggy accidentally spills the potion!

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