Monday 27th – Friday 31st October

Bartlett oversteps the mark. Geoff and Nicole
have a surprise visitor. Has Aden lost Belle for
good? Are Rachel and Tony back on track? Ross
and Morag return from their honeymoon.

Kirsty takes pity on Bartlett this week when he
takes a tumble from his new motorbike and suffers
a blow to the head. After advice from the doctor,
Kirsty must deliver Bartlett safely home. She is
shocked to see his spartan flat, but her sympathy
does not last long after her boss suggests that she
move in and keep him company. “You’re looking
after me,” says Bartlett. “I’d love to look after you if
you’d let me.” Later in the week, however, the
secret of Miles and Kirsty’s relationship comes
out. Will going public discourage Bartlett’s
amorous advances?

Elsewhere, Geoff and Nicole get a surprise visit
from Melody. She has run away from the clinic and
claims that her mother’s constant harassment has
become too much for her. Later it emerges that
Christine is actually out of the country. Are
Melody’s delusions a sign of a much deeper
mental problem?

Meanwhile, Aden has a breakthrough during his
therapy sessions and heads straight to Belle’s
house to tell her the good news. But when he
arrives, he witnesses his ex-girlfriend in the arms of
the gallant Angelo. With his bubble well and truly
burst, Aden heads to Roman’s house and asks for a
ride back to the clinic. Aden tells Roman he is
pleased that Belle has found happiness with
someone else as it means he is now free to
concentrate on his own recovery. Is Aden really
over Belle?

Rachel is also having a difficult time in her love life
as she deals with the aftermath of her separation
from Tony. Martha’s friendship with Bridget only
serves to rub salt into the wound. Eventually,
Martha manages to convince her friend that
Bridget is not essentially a bad person and Rachel
is left wondering whether she should forgive Tony.
Is her wounded pride a good enough reason to give
up on their relationship forever?
Elsewhere, newlyweds Ross and Morag arrive
back from their honeymoon. Irene tries to get
Morag to divulge the juicy details of their trip, but
the bride refuses. “Can you just accept that we had
a lovely, private holiday and leave it at that?” she
snaps. It is obvious that their relationship is under
strain, and Morag admits to Alf that Ross is no
longer the man she married…

Coming Soon
What is wrong with Ross?
How far will Bartlett go?
Aden is released from the clinic.
Melody continues to behave strangely.
There is romance on the cards for Alf.

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