Monday 27th – Friday 31st October

Can Rachel and Angus’s relationship survive?
Will Carmella and Oliver be reunited? Declan’s
birthday party proves to be eventful. Nicola
makes a move on Steve.

Angus is still causing trouble for the Kennedy clan
this week as Karl berates Susan for letting the
disgraced ex-teacher move into their home. Karl
questions Susan’s judgment and she responds by
accusing him of spending too much time with his
‘other family’ in England. Realising the distress he is
causing, Angus decides to abandon Rachel for her
own good. Rachel is distraught at his departure, but
it is not long before he has a change of heart and
returns. In the face of renewed hostility from the
neighbourhood, Rachel elects to move in with
Angus. Karl, Susan and Zeke are devastated by her
decision but are powerless to stop her. Can Rachel
and Angus find happiness together?

Another Ramsay Street couple are also struggling
with their feelings this week. Oliver and Carmella
find themselves bonding once more as they care
for Chloe. Carmella realises that it is possible to
grieve and love at the same time, but is it too soon
after Marco’s death for her start something with
Oliver? Rebecca warns her son that Carmella is
still in a fragile state, but matters are soon taken
out of Oliver’s hands when he receives a stunning
job offer – in New York. He is desperate for
Carmella and Chloe to join him, but are they ready
for such a move?

Elsewhere, Declan is convinced that Josh has
designs on Bridget. She assures him that he has
nothing to worry about, but Declan finds reason
for another sulk when it looks like his 18th
birthday party will be nothing more than a quiet
family dinner. But he is delighted to find that his
friends have organised a surprise fancy-dress
party for him. The bash begins in high spirits, with
all the neighbours in costume – but events start
to spiral out of control when a gang of
gatecrashers shows up…

Also this week, Miranda is stunned when she
catches Nicola and Steve in a compromising
position. Steve and Miranda’s disagreements
create a rift between Bridget and Declan. And an
angry confrontation ensues when Dan learns that
Lucas is seeing Libby.
Coming Soon
Lucas and Dan’s dark secret is revealed.
Rachel sells her story to the press.
Is there any hope for Steve and Miranda?
Will Bridget and Declan take things to the next level?

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