October 1 2008

Ste trashes his room. Tina tries to hook up with Russ.

Amy and Josh

Ste hassles Josh and says Amy will go back to him, since she’s having his baby. So Josh tells him that Amy’s going to have an abortion.

On the way to the clinic, Amy isn’t so sure about going through with it. Josh encourages her to stay strong.

Ste catches up with Amy and begs her not to have one. Amy decides not to have one but wants Ste to leave her alone, she’s not getting back with him.

In anger, Ste trashes his room!

Malachy and Mercedes

Mercedes sobs, telling Myra she’s worried that Malachy has given her AIDS.

Myra and Jacqui pay Malachy a visit, warning him to stay well away from Mercedes.

Mercedes feels she’s being punished for cheating with Tony – and Jacqui almost finds out.

Darren and Cindy

Darren clears things up for Cindy about Frankie and says he plans to take over the pub once Frankie has left.

Russ and Tina

Russ starts bonding with Max and says Tina is caring and sensitive. Tina tries to kiss Russ but he doesn’t want things to be complicated even more.

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