School’s Out(43/52)

Continuing on Milkshake! this week is the colourful cartoon about a boy whose toy dinosaurs come to life and transport him to a magical land. Whatever problems he encounters in his normal life, Harry can always find solutions with his prehistoric pals in Dino World!

On Saturday, Harry comes home from school with all manner of exciting tales, leading the Dinos to wish they went to school as well. In order to help his primeval pals, Harry heads to Dino World and sets up an educational establishment. With Harry as their teacher, the Dinos have a great time learning a range of topics –until Harry gets a little carried away during a volcano demonstration!

In Sunday’s episode, ‘Where Did the Wind Go?’, Harry and the Dinos want to fly their kite, but cannot find a breeze strong enough. In search of a gale, they jump through the bucket into Dino World, but soon learn that there is no wind here either. Where has all the wind gone? And come to think of it, where is everything else?

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