September 30 2008

Mercedes learns that Malachy is HIV+. Amy and Josh get back together.

Tina, Max and Russ

Russ is finding it hard to get used to everything – and wonders if Dom will ever forgive him.

Meanwhile, Dom, Tony and Jacqui are devastated from the news that Russ is Max’s father.

Tina and Dom meet up – Tina asks him not to hate her. Dom asks if could ever forgive her. Tina says he never listens to her. Tina says she couldn’t tell him about Max because it would have ruined Jacqui and Tony’s dreams. Dom says it will take years to trust again.

Tina sobs her eyes out to Russ, saying what a bad person she is. She thanks him for staying and hugs him.

Malachy and Mercedes

Kris tells Mercedes that Malachy is HIV+ and he has known for about three weeks. Mercedes freaks out as they haven’t been using condoms and wants to kill Malachy.

Mercedes finally catches up with Malachy who says he didn’t want to ruin what they had and asks her to forgive him. Mercedes punches him and starts beating him up on the ground. Jacqui asks what he’s done and Mercedes sobs “he’s given me AIDS!”

Amy and Josh

Josh tells Amy that all she does is lie and he can’t trust her. He says he can’t be bothered any more.

Amy says it will be different now, she has been selfish. Josh isn’t convinced. Amy says he means more to her than Ste ever did and kisses him, reminding him of the antlers. They kiss again.

Jack and Frankie

Darren cooks a romantic dinner for Jack and Frankie – to help convince Frankie to go to Spain. However, Cindy gets the wrong idea and thinks something is going on between Frankie and Darren!

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