Simon Burke Banged up abroad

Just to say have not seen the show myself as i am still in Peru !!!!!

But thanks for all the support and i will update if anything happens


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  • Pamela Parker

    Congratulations Simon I hope you have a lovely Chritmas back home with your family and friends.
    Love and best wishes for the future,Pam x

  • John

    Hi Simnon, just saw ur case on banged up abroad im glad to hear you are since home and free BEST OF LUCK with the future.

  • Angela (Campaign to Get Simon Burke Home)

    Hi John

    Sorry to have to let you know that Simon is still not back in the UK. Despite the innocent verdict the prosecution have appealed (quite routine in Peru apparently) and he is being held in Lima until that has gone through – which could take months.

    If you wish to help support Simon financially or otherwise please come to the Facebook group “Get Simon Burke Home” for details. You don’t have to be a Facebook member to use this link.

    Thank you.

    Many of you will have seen the screening of Banged Up Abroad in Ireland – please come and join us!

  • Wayne Fitzgerald, Dublin, Ireland.

    Dear Simon, I hope you are doing ok in your present circumstances and all things considered, that you are feeling some sense of peace and solice in the fact that at least the worst part is over of this incredibly difficult experience to say the very least, it is difficult for one to even comment from an outside perspective, as this is not something i would usually do, make comment towards someone i have seen on a television programe, but as i was so gut wrenched and moved i have had no choice, as the story unfolded i was deeply un nerved and thought this was diabolical, your term in prison was what shook me the most, the fact that you survived this considering your innocense, leaves me at a loss for words, some soldiers have not had to endure what you have, that alone took some mettle to survive, what motivated me most was your comment saying something like this makes you lose your faith in humanity, this is more than understandable, I hope though there is lot of long distance empathy going your direction and can make some differnce, Peace and Hope to you and a big fat Irish Blessing, Wayne, Ireland.

  • Brad

    Hi Simon,
    Hang in there bud! Your a good man who caught a bad break, but Simon, everything happens for a reason right? Maybe something good will come your way in Peru? Who knows. Try not to let one bad person destroy you faith in humanity. There are many good people out there, so try not to become jaded. I can’t imagine what you have been through, but try to focus on the positives. You will be home before you know it, so make the most of your time in Peru! All the best my friend. Brad

  • Isa

    Hi Simon, I’ve seen your case on National Geographic and I would like to help you. I’ve already donate something to support you there.
    You have a friend in Madrid, if you need me.

  • Anonymous

    Portugal is with you!

  • Sarah

    Hi Simon,

    Just like the others on this page, I just finished watching Locked up Abroad on the National Geographic Channel. I’m so terribly saddened by your circumstances, and feel that I am obligated to assist in any way possible. I wanted to let you know that you have much support here in the States, and we are desperately trying to get your story into the right hands. I know that you have lost faith in humanity, but humanity has not lost faith in you. We will bring you home, and you will once again be with your loved ones. I will the best, and we will continue to pray for you.

    -Seattle,WA USA

  • Angela

    If anyone out there is on Facebook please come and join the group “Get Simon Burke Home” where you can get all the latest updates on Simon’s situation and learn how you can help. Thank you.

  • Simon

    Hi Just like to say thanks for all new support i am still in peru but please join the get simon burke home group on facebook


  • Diego

    Hey Simon,
    I’m from Peru, currently living in the U.S. Send me your e-mail, as I might be able to get you in touch with some people that could help you, or at least be friends to you at this time. Regards,


    ps: my email is

  • Cameron

    I just seen the NatGeo programme. Sorry to hear your trouble wishing you all the best

    Cameron Steele


    When it comes to drugs.. even if you do not know but in other countries your are guilty till proven innocent. Simons friend already signed paperwork saying he is innocent. Someone needs to get him in contact with a top lawyer from that country with expertise in their system.

  • Max

    Do they atleast have good beer in Peru?

  • michele

    Just watched the ‘locked up abroad’ episode, simon and my heart really goes out to you. is there anyway we can send you $$$ to help out? I don’t have facebook, but is there someone coordinating donations for you? You are an AMAZING man and I will be praying for you and believing in your safe return to your home and family…

  • Ivan

    Simon: AS the rest here, I just saw your story on NatGeo and I was incedibly saddened by your story. Don’t lose faith in humanity. You have many people out here that want to help you and be your friends.


  • Jenn

    Yup, just like everyone else, saw your story on National Geo. Just thought I would let you know some people in Phoenix, Arizona are rallying behind you. You are in thoughts, prayers and heart.
    Peace and love to you Simon, and all of your dear family.

  • Ryan

    Hello Simon, I am a student at Temple University and I saw your story on National Geographic. I can not believe what that girl put you threw. Their is nothing that could make me forgive someone who did that to me. I am so happy for you that she did the right thing and told the authroities that you really did not have anything to do with it. If their is anything I can do for you let me know. Your story brings a tear to my eye. No one should ever have to go threw what you had to go threw when they are innocent. I have had a problem with drugs all of my life but recently quit. I have been sober for 3 months now and I feel great. No matter how messed up on drugs or how badly I needed money I would never have done anything to put an innocent person in the place that girl put you in. My thoughts and prayers go out to you… The only advice I can give you is to make the best of the situation. Make some friends near your new home and gather as much support as possible. If you can talk about it without getting to upset I would tell everyone and anyone I could so they understand you and might possibly be able to help you. You only get one life so live it to the fullest… Don’t let things in your past hold you down no matter how depressed you may feel… Good luck and take care buddy

  • Lauren L.

    Your story really ripped my heart up. Keep faith and hope that you will see your family again soon. Know that there are people out there that care.

    Lauren from Dallas, TX

  • Denise

    Hi Simon, I just saw your show last night with my husband and I was shaken to the core. I am Peruvian and American citizen and I am ashamed of the injustice you have suffered at the hands of the “justice” system. I will do my best to help in anyway I can. Please keep us updated. My prayers are with you.

  • Kevin

    Your story touched my wife and I as we watched what stess and madness you have dealt with over the past 2+ years. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you have dealt with this false imprisonment with grace and humility. You deserve a safe and happy return back to your home. God save Sarah for what she has put you through.

    Kevin M.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, Simon, I am from Trinidad. I just finished seeing the documentary about your ordeal on NatGeo. I could not believe that something so terrible could happen to an innocent man. I am amazed that someone would use another human being in that way. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Please keep us updated on how things are going and let us know if we can help in any way. You have more support that you know.

  • Anonymous

    F Peru.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Simon,

    Just like everyone else here I wathced your story on Nat Geo. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong

  • Schelly

    Hi Simon
    Congrats on finally being free and getting to go home at last!! I bet Peru is not on your list of places to visit in the near future! I prayed for you and I am so glad and overwhelmed with gratitude that our prayers were finally answered! Please don’t ever trust that Sarah again!!!!!!! It sounds like you have helped her out and forgiven her one to many times over the last 10 years and enough is enough! I hope you watched her jovial way of telling her story and the narcissistic way in which she blamed her problems on others like my parents treated me like the black sheep of the family and the loan shark had a spell over me and asked for crazy amounts and “I always knew I couldn’t pay the whole thing off”!! Then she says “I chose him because he had a clean record, good job and looked stupid” what a friend, with a friend like that you will never need any enemies! Please stay away from her and anyone like her! Believe me, there are plenty of women out here, like me, who think you are a wonderful, caring and a real catch! So don’t settle for anything except the best and I know she is out there for you somewhere because I could see and feel your heart, kindness and intelligence just by looking into your eyes! Your aura is pure and good and don’t allow anyone to ever taint that again!
    Elk River, MN

  • mario c

    simon hope all is well and u will come home soon … from the usa and wacthed the show about u i think u should come home

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the most hilarious TV shows on air-the typical storyline is that of some whites, acting privileged and visiting a country where the people are NOT white, trying to smuggle drugs, getting caught and then acting completely surprised and awe stricken when their whiteness wont save them from jail/prison. “My cell was like a filthy cave” and “I couldn’t believe I was facing so much time”, – hilarity at its finest- it is jail/prison and you were busted smuggling-lose the sense of privilege! I love watching this show- my friends and I get a real kick watching these idiots who try so hard to convince the viewers that they should not receive the same treatment as everyone else (so I called my dad, says one idiot)- great programming- I recommend it to all my friends for its unintentional humorous content! And Simon was repeatedly raped while Locked-Up Abroad and loved it, you prison fag.

  • Avril Muir

    You are a twat!

  • Avril Muir

    Aimed at anonymous 11th May BTW

  • Mo

    Yo, fuck that hoe, go to santa monica prison or wherever the fuck shes at and bitch slap the shit out of her. fuckin hoe deserves 60 years, u a cool cat, stay off the dope and holla at the pope 😛

  • Donaciano

    Dear Simon,

    The TV programme was released yesterday in Spain… and I have no words!!!

    I hope you are OK, and I wish you the best.

  • Nengi

    What a dreadful thing to say; I am very aligned to your view as I also feel that if you do the crime then you should fcae the crime irrespective of the colour of your skin, but as it is well known that Simon was unwitingly involved in something he had no prior knowledge of, that you should beliutlle his ordeal with such crudeness speaks volumes of you character nad leads me to believe you’re probably just someone with a big chip on his/her shoulder.

  • Angela

    Please sign – we are still campaigning to get Simon back home.

  • Snowfeather

    Oh Simon. My God what that damn girl put you through. I just saw your story yesterday and at the very end I just held my face in my hands and I said a prayer for you. Your story touched me so much that I just HAD to find a way to reach out to you and tell you how very sorry I am for you. I even cried for you. I am in Florida, USA. I don’t know how things work in the courts in England but I would bring a Civil Suit against Sarah and sue her for all the lies, pain, and emotional damage she has done to you. I cannot believe that she said that she chose you to go to Peru with her because you looked “stupid”. That bitch! I too can see what a sweet, honest, and beautiful man that you are. I wish I had the power to take you from this hell you are living. I am Native American and I pray that Father Sky be with you each and every day. I really wish there was something I could do for you. I will pray, Simon, that your hell ends very soon.
    My love and lots of hugs go out to you. I truly hope you can feel all the love everyone here is sending to you because there is quite a lot.
    love, Snowfeather d4st2

  • Dix Handley

    Hopefully Simon you’re enjoying being home. Let me say that I would only feel safe in countries like the US where I live, England and Australia. That’s it. I’ll never travel anywhere but these countries and perhaps Germany. The rest of you can go to hell especially the South American countries. Nothing but thugs and drug beats.

  • Susie

    DIX: you have a kind heart for supporting Simon but in my opinion, you are a sad example of an ethnocentric loser. You’ll never travel outside of the UK, the US, Australia and “maybe Germany” as the entire rest of the world is “thugs and drugs”? What an ignorant idiot you sound like. I would say I feel sorry for you, but your BLATANT idiocracy makes me happy you’ll never see and meet some good, honest people in beautiful places in all corners of the world. I’ve traveled thru over 40 countries and to tell you the truth, the most drugs and druggies I’ve EVER seen are right here in my country, the US. Have fun rotting away in your miserable pessimistic small shallow world. Yes, one would think I’m negative too for writing this – I was just shocked at what an ignorant loser you are. At least I don’t have to worry about running into you in some interesting country. People like you should be rounded up and forced to live in a small, cold, boring place. Oh yeah, you already are.

  • Kiara

    I’m in Germany and I watched Simon’s story last night. Simon, I can’t believe what you have gone through and what pissed me off from the very beginning is that girl said you “looked stupid,” and that’s one of the reasons she decided to ask you to go to Peru. My heart goes out to you and you have every right to decide where you want to travel, if at all, once you are home. I do hope you one day realize what the world has to offer that has absolutely nothing to do with drugs. I hope this experience teaches you to be vigilant, but not damage your spirit.

    SUSIE, who cares if you’ve been to 40 countries! Have you spent years in jail for something you were innocent of? That’s what I thought, so shut the hell up! You have no idea what he’s gone through. How can you call him an ignorant loser? For being devastated at years of his life being taken away in some hideous prison because some bitch took advantage of him? I hope I never bump into you in one of your “40 countries” with your nasty attitude. Why don’t you make a difference in someone’s life instead of acting like you have any idea of what they’re going through.

    Simon, hang in there, and people all over the world are rooting for you!

  • Tina, Denmark

    Kiara, I think that susie was talking to Dix, the comment prior to her own. I just saw the show and as everyone else in here with half a mind my heart goes out to you, Simon, I hope that you will never forgive Sarah cause she said some awful things about you. I hope you will get on with your life in a positive manor when you have had time to process.. All the best.. And to Dix you are ignorant but happily you will never come to Denmark..

  • Dorte from Denmark

    Hi simon, me and my familie saw ur show last night here in Denmark. Oh my god !!! Im in chock, how could she do that to u 🙁

    Are u still in Peru? now its year 2010, and i can see some of the massage is from long time ago. i dosn´t hope u in peru enymore !!

    Please mail me and tell how u are now and were u are now becours i wonder so much , its so sad for u.

    How are ur parents taken it, they most be so sad to 🙁

    Can i help u some how? then let me know, i would do enything i can !!

  • Sarah

    I am from Australia and I just watched the show tonight at home with my mum. I can’t believe what has happened to you and my heart goes out to you. Usually when I watch Banged Up Abroad, I just feel anger towards the people in it for being so stupid in trying to take drugs through different countries when they know the risks! But in your case you were totally innocent and that’s why it brought tears to my eyes watching your story.

    Please keep everyone up to date with your progress.


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